Aptos Psychologist: It’s Easter! Change depression to new life …

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It’s Easter Day!  Time for new life! No matter how old you are. Or how young.

Are you a depressed young person  and feel  trapped?  Do you feel caught by Big Brother?  Do you want to do things but have no car, have no money and don’t know where to begin?  Does that describe you or someone you know?

Then ‘s time for you  to kick ass on causes that you  care about.  Join a cause or make your own. For example, 3 out of 4 young persons say they have no clue how to manage their cash. Learn how with your friends. Take charge of your money world.

Make your passions into your causes.  You will change. And you can change the world around you. 

Here’s one way how for young persons 13 to 25.

Go to dosomething.org and learn how to change passions into reality.   Tell us what happens as you change your worlds — internal and external.  DrCameronJackson@gmail.com

Who We Are  [Do Something.org]

DoSomething.org is the country’s largest nonprofit for young people and social change. We have 1,425,974 million members (and counting) who kick ass on causes they care about. Bullying. Homelessness. Cancer. The list goes on. DoSomething.org spearheads national campaigns so 13- to 25-year-olds can make an impact – without ever needing money, an adult, or a car. Over 2.4 million people took action through DoSomething.org in 2012. You know, because apathy sucks.


  1. Believe in young people. Young people have the power to lead. We don’t require old people!
  2. Trust young people. We provide reliable, easy-to-access information and activation strategies, but young people decide for themselves what to do.
  3. Celebrate young people. We think all measurable contributions from young people are valuable.
  4. Respect young people. We understand that young people have diverse abilities and constraints.
  5. Value young people. Our programs and products are free. We’re not after young people’s money; we want their passion, time, and creativity

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