Welcome to 5th century! Islam rejects DNA evidence

Islam rejects DNA as evidence in rape cases

Welcome to the 5th century! Islam rejects DNA as evidence in rape cases. So says the Council of Islamic Ideology. Why? Because there is no mention of DNA in the Islamic bible – the Koran.

“Why did they not produce for it four witnesses? And when they do not produce the witnesses, then it is they, in the sight of Allah , who are the liars.” — Qur’an 24:13

The Council of Islamic Ideology rejects DNA testing as primary evidence because it isn’t mentioned in the Qur’an. The Qur’an mandates that four witnesses are required to establish sexual crimes — zina — and that’s that.

In a meeting of the council on Wednesday, religious scholars observed that while the tool could aid investigation into rape complaints, it could not be taken as evidence. It could, at best, serve as supplementary evidence but could not supersede the Islamic laws laid out for determining rape complaints.

“It cannot be treated as main evidence but it certainly is a great help in investigations,” said Allama Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, a member of CII present at the meeting chaired by Senator Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani. The Quranic provisions calling for four witnesses would still be required as evidence in such cases, the scholars maintained.

The observation was made in response to queries sent to the council by different courts regarding the status of DNA tests as evidence in rape case. The standard police practice has been to register rape cases only after obtaining DNA test results and presenting the report before the court as the main evidence.



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  1. DNA evidence gets innocents out of prison. Why not use DNA evidence to put guilty in prison?

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