Climate wizard Reid [conflates weather with climate change]



Reid conflates weather changes with climate changes

Climate wizard Reid conflates weather change with climate change

Climate wizard Reid conflates weather with climate change:

Harry Reid claims that recent bad weather is more evidence climate change exists and needs a response from the federal government. Reid’s comments today come just after the Senate’s all-night “talkathon,” during which several Democratic senators spoke back-to-back about climate change.

“Every day that goes by, every week that goes, every month that goes by, every year that goes by … there’s more evidence of the dangers of climate change,” Reid said Tuesday afternoon, in response to a question from THE WEEKLY STANDARD.


climate change?

“The more climate changes, the more extreme the weather gets, and we’ve seen that in spades, said Harry Reid.

Asked about Democrats’ inaction on climate change legislation when the party had a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate early in the Obama administration, Reid said Democrats were busy with other legislation, including Obamacare.


Firenze Sage, Esq.       Reid obviously has no idea what the difference between climate and weather is. But he’ll legislate anyway.


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