There’s a dog in my bed


There’s a dog in my bed

There’s a dog in my bed.

 A mother whose child was so badly behaved  she convinced herself that  he was autistic.  Then  the mother   found  out the real reason for the child’s behaviors:   the family dog.

Three-year-old Billy was prone to violent temper tantrums.  He  even hurled a bike at his mother Robyn on one occasion.

 Checking things out, sleep expert Debs Sugden observed video  footage which showed the family dog and cat kicking Billy out of his own bed.

 The sleep expert  explained that  Billy’s  broken sleep had led to him suffering from ‘delayed sleep phase syndrome’ . This is a  medical disorder where sleep is delayed two or more hours past the conventional bedtime.


 Firenze Sage:  Well the smart little bugger sure fooled them this time.

Born Naughty? Episode 4 - (Billy)
Billy kicked out of his bed by pet dog

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