the Pope said what we decide he said

Pole says abortion is killing
The Pope said what we decide he said.

The Pope said what we decide  he said.

In Pope Francis’ historic “virtual town hall” last week, the Pope used blunt language.  He   described abortion as killing. And,  Time magazine has felt the need to tone the Pope’s language down by deleting the offensive expression.

Of course, Time magazine wasn’t alone.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, and USA Today didn’t bother reporting on the Pope’s references to abortion at all.   A strong pro-life message doesn’t fit within their narrative of what they want this Pope to be. But at least they didn’t resort to actually fudging Francis’ words.


 Firenze Sage:  The pope said,Global warming will kill us in 50 years, but abortion(deleted)…

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