Assault and Battery — Alienation of affection at college parties?


New rules at college parties at UC Berkeley

New rules at college parties at UC Berkeley

What are bystanders to do  when he — or she —  grabs that cute girl — or guy —   at a UC Berkeley  college  party?  UC administration lays down new rules.  Will they work?

Fraternity and sorority parties will be back this weekend at the University of California, Berkeley after a one-week suspension, but with new guidelines aimed at keeping the often booze-filled bashes free of sexual violence.

Berkeley’s Greek system imposed a voluntary ban on parties a week ago, a move it called unprecedented, after two women reported being sexually assaulted at off-campus fraternity houses.

At this weekend’s pre-Halloween parties, guests will be greeted at the front door with “consent talks,” Divya Thomas, president of the Panhellenic Council, said Thursday.

The guidelines were drawn up at a meeting with the Interfraternity Council, which represents the school’s two dozen fraternities.

The 1- to 2-minute talk will focus on what consent to have sex means.

In California, “Yes means yes,” which means consent must be explicitly stated and that silence, lack of resistance or intoxication is not considered consent. Thomas said the talk will also encourage “bystander intervention,” which means that if people see activity they believe does not involve consent they should report it.

“We just want to create a safe party culture where all the members can feel safe,” said Thomas, a 21-year-old senior and a member of Alpha Delta Pi. The Panhellenic Council overseas Berkeley’s 12 sororities.


Aptos Lawyer:  Bystander interveners beware of imminent assault. And  — alienation of affection.  


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