How select Episcopalian priest for St. John’s in Aptos CA church?

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transparency-eye-hugeTransparency.  People want it in government.  Also needed in the process of selecting  church leaders.

 Let people know what’s going on as it’s going on.  People want to know.  And they should be able to know.

What is needed — but not happening — to select the next Episcopalian priest  for St. John’s   n Aptos, CA?

Need transparency. Provide accurate information.   Get  real involvement of the congregation  in an   on-going basis.

So far that’s not happening at St. John’s in  Aptos, CA.

What   the head of the Search Committee   told the Vestry  [Board of Directors]   of an Episcopal church in Aptos, CA  10/26/2016:

“You, Vestry,  will get three names.  Shortly before Thanksgiving or a little after.  You will get the complete files.  You will be trained how to evaluate these three applicants.    No vestry person is allowed to talk one on one with any applicant and there must always be a Search committee  person present. No private conversations. allowed.  It’s too toxic”

Is this how the Holy Spirit works?  Give the Holy Trinity more room!  More transparency might help.  Also really accurate information.  And more  involvement by the congregation.

The Vestry  recently went on a Retreat to improve the process of communication between members of the Vestry.  And it  has worked.  Communication has improved.  The Vestry learned about “compassionate communication”.

What about “compassionate communication” with the congregation?  Or will all the issues that have been swirling around  be swept under the rug?  Hope not.


Suggestions/  Comments for selecting the next Rector/ Priest for St. John’s:  

get paid background checks
get paid background checks
  1. Get paid background checks  — don’t just rely on telephone calls made  by church  search committee  members. Pay for  professional and reliable background checks. Know who this person is!  
  2. Provide the Vestry [Board of Directors] with   more than 3 names to choose  — why only provide  3 out of total pool?  Will it be 2 men or 2 women and why not provide 5 or 7?   
  3. Get more involvement by the church  members  — members travel, hear and know about possible applicants.  Episcopalians tend to be a well traveled group of people.  Get names from the congregation. Listen to the congregation. Provide regular updates.  So far that is not happening.  


written by Cameron Jackson

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