Sexual slavery, porno, brothels, human trafficking- let’s talk about real issues not a few crass comments by Trump

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Deal with the real issues:  brothels, sexual slavery, no fathers in home,  migrant children  abused, prostitution .  In the Spirit  by Alliee Dearmond published in Santa Cruz Sentinel


Sexual slavery, porno, no fathers in home, human trafficking, drugs, addictions:  lets talk about  the real issues says Alliee DeArmond, Santa Cruz Sentinel,  In the Spirit:

“Amazing how a half-dozen words uttered over a decade ago suddenly fill my news feeds.

Trump apologizes for 11 year old comments
Set aside the  few crass comments Trump made 11 years ago.  Focus on how to honor women.

The Scripture comes to mind that says, what you whisper in private will be shouted from the housetops.

Nonetheless, I am more astonished at the Puritan response, the stances of outraged respectability, than I am about a few lines from a mouthy male.

I can deal with a mouthy male. The world is full of them.

I am occasionally capable of being mouthy myself. (This is not an invitation for friends to send me confirmation emails.)

I’ve been married for 40-some years, raised three sons,

raised three sons

bumped around in the theater world — ladies, if you can’t play ball with a couple of crass comments, you’ve got a lot to learn.

If you really want to honor women, let’s talk about the multi-billion dollar pornography business — the sleazy ads that line the sidebar or the bottom of a heartwarming puppy video. ‘Click here.’ Let’s look at how the business of sex supports the internet, is fed and sponsored by our great corporations, pours into living rooms through multiple screens and emerges between the covers of shady books.

Let’s talk about human trafficking,

about sexual slavery that exists not only far away, but here at home. How about the drug sales and addiction that monetize our gangs, fill our prisons, and entrap young girls into prostitution?

Let’s talk about cat-houses, about the brothels that were once a major part of our local tourist economy, about how migrating client contacts from the streets to the back page doesn’t change the horrific story.

Shall we discuss the difference between being wanted and being wanton, the 75 percent of black families and 30 percent of white families where children are growing up without a father, the exponential rise of those figures, the few jobs available to young women who are left to support themselves and their children? Let’s talk about crisis pregnancies: unplanned, untimely, unwanted. She didn’t get in that position all by herself, you know. Let’s talk about the nearly 4,000 abortions a day: baby carcasses stacked in garbage heaps.

Honoring women? Are we reacting in lily-white handkerchief swooning shock to a couple of words because it’s easier to point fingers and gasp in genteel horror, than to dig down and face up to our own part in the disintegration of what matters most?

Young men and women still hope for life-partners, still want to love, honor and support each other, to build a life together. How can we help them?

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Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson:  Yes let’s talk about the real issues and how to honor women   — and assist young couples to succeed in marriage.

A lousy role model?  Michelle Obama willingly allowed her daughters to watch  lewd and crude rap music performed in the White House.


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