Charter schools win: teacher quality, values imparted, discipline

charter-schools-nycUSA public schools do not deliver quality education relative to charter schools or private schools. That’s what the parents think.  And this has been going on for  far too many years.

One way to compare students educated by different kinds of schools  is to examine their math skills.

On a 2016  assessment of math skills of 15 year old students, out of 35 nations the United States tied for 31st place  out of 35 nations.  The USA came out ahead of only  four countries:  Greece, Chile, Turkey and Mexico.

So much for Obama’s Race for the Top? Looks  more like a Slide to the Bottom.

Obama did not publish 2012 data  which  examined  how parents viewed the performance of  charter schools  compared with public schools.  Back in 2012 parents with children enrolled in charter schools  were much more satisfied compared with public schools.  And that trend continues four years later.

As to  2016 news about how parents view schools:   Parents give charter schools  much better marks compared with  public schools.  The parents who give charter schools higher marks are themselves less educated, have a lower percent of home ownership and are much more likely to be black or hispanic in ethnicity.

Public schools, charter schools and private schools are compared  as to what parents think of the  quality of teachers, values imparted  and  overall discipline.  Across the boards the public schools are rated the lowest.

The above comes from a study done by Harvard University reported in the Wall Street Journal 12/13/2016 Trump’s Education Pick: A Win for Public-School Parents




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