freedoms – Trump and Hilary compared Feb. 2017

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Freedom to speak, travel, work …and TWEET!

Free speech:  Freedom to tweet or not to tweet.  Trump tweets. That’s fast communication to America.

Hilary  Clinton still  looks for her lost emails.  Does Russia have Hilary’s emails?

Freedom to self deport:  A new freedom!  Trump enforces immigration laws.  Hilary sought Amnesty and  policy of ‘come out of the shadows’.

Freedom to travel: Safe travel increases for Americans?    Trump hires 5,000 more Border Patrol and 10,000 more federal enforcement (ICE) and can deputize local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws.  Americans warned about travel around Mexico.    Mexico becomes less safe by the day with gun battles in the streets and warnings where and updates where not to travel.        written by C. Jackson


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