Firenze Sage: it’s what you think you know and don’t … [federal tax plan]

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tax plan
What do you think of the tax plan?

What do you think about the  tax plan that passed recently? Depends on your views of the messenger.  Excuse for the rich?  Allows you to keep more of your money?

Satirist Ami Horowitz  went to New York City’s West Village to ask Liberals if they approved of the GOP tax plan disguised as having been proposed by Bernie Sanders.

Reading out the plan and describing it as  the  the Republican’s plan,  the interviewees at first  described the GOP’s plan as “ridiculous” and “an excuse for the rich people to get a break on having to pay taxes.

Continuing to read the same plan and describing it as   the “Bernie Sanders” plan,  then they were in support.

One woman responded, “It’s all just rational with Bernie. With Trump it’s not.”

Horowitz finally revealed that he had been reading out the GOP tax plan all along and the surprised interviewees said they would be more open to supporting it and doing their research.


Firenze Sage comments:   Those who listen to biased news do not learn.

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