Freedoms — how are they doing? USA (Kellyanne Conway) & world wide (Hong Kong)

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Freedoms –  how free is political speech here  in USA and around the world?

Let’s compare Trump’s counselor  Kellyanne Conway who   today 6/13/19  has been admonished by a USA  government agency  for engaging in  political speech, i.e., violation of the Hatch Act.

Let’s compare  Conway’s  political speech    with  other places such as Hong Kong  which today  pushes ahead on legislation that any resident or foreigner who says something the government does not like  can be sent to mainland China for trail.

Left leaning newspapers,  including  the  New York Times and Washington Post,  urge that Trump  fire his top  counselor  Kellyanne   Conway   because she made  political  comments about Democrat contenders.  Only Trump can fire Conway.  Civil servants are not supposed to engage in what the Hatch Act refers to as  perncious politics.Does this pass the ‘sniff test’?  Hardly.

The U.S. Constitution recognizes a number of inalienable human rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to a fair trial by jury.

What about freedom of speech & assembly in other places?    Hong Kong –  Now here’s something that  smells bad:   Hong Kong Lawmakers  currently push legislation  that allows extradition  to mainland China. This puts legal independence of Hong Kong   residents and foreigners alike in jeopardy. Anyone can be hauled off to mainland China for what they say in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong  proposed law threatens freedom of speech and  freedom of gatherings.  Thousands of protesters have gathered to protest.   As one protester said,  ‘ Say something the government does not like and they’ll take the person back to China for an unfair trail and prospect of torture.’  Only the government has the guns in Hong Kong.   Protesters hold umbrellas to ward off tear gas.

Kellyanne Conway acts as a counselor to Trump.  It is expectable that she will make comments about the Democrat contenders.

Why do  so many newspapers  including the New York Times  and Washington Post   — supposed defenders of freedoms — throw in with the Democrat lingo without taking a hard look at it?   Let’s directly ask the editors of those ‘defenders of freedom’ what they are  up to.

Start by asking Dean P. Baguet, current top editor at the New York Times.  Why does the New York Times support the Democrat line of thinking in such a tunnel visioned manner?  Let’s ask top Editors directly our questions.







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