one carrot berger please … meat grown in vats from plants?

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 Here’s another one of their dumb predictions that we’re all supposed to forget about when the deadline passes without incident. Jessica Campisi, The Hill:

In 2040, most of the “meat” people eat won’t come from slaughtered animals, a new report says.

Instead of sourcing meat products from dead animals, 60 percent of meat will be either grown in vats or won’t actually be meat, but instead plant-based products that look like meat, the report from global consulting firm AT Kearney found…

The report cites challenges to find arable land due to climate change and expanding cities, as well as health risks posed to humans if they eat livestock treated with antibiotics to avoid epidemics.

Yes,  yes, because global warming. As we all know, the polar ice caps have melted and snowfall is a thing of the past. Those predictions have come to pass, and so will this one.


Firenze Sage  Imagine. Hamburgers from material grown in vats.   1984 is coming soon to a country near you. 

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