Ocasio Cortez ignores rats

Rats control  in Ocasio-Cortez’s backyard   or ‘border patrol’ more important  in her  district?

“Let me tell you something, Americans are sick and tired of being put last by politicians who took an oath to put them first. I am in Ocasio-Cortez’s district more than she is. She’s more concerned about conditions on the border than conditions in her own backyard.

This past week I had to shut down a children’s day camp because dead rats were falling through the ceiling and hitting the ground, and falling on children’s desks so infested with maggots that they broke apart when they hit the ground causing staffers to throw up.”


Firenze Sage:     JAJ48@aol.com      Since  Ocasio-Cortez  is busy saving the world, she has no time to deal with the rats in her own district.

Just another phony wanting us to watch her save the world.

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