Opps — man forgets tampons …?

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“Extra large sanitary pads and extra small ones, pads for the night…”

Tampons are used by  (  ) only women  (  ) men too

Dear Readers, be warned that what you’re about to read will likely be deemed hate speech by the thought police; Google may very well deem me worthy of internet jail because I’m about to contradict the left’s orthodox teachings on sexuality and gender.

Without further ado, here is the spiteful statement that will earn me the label of bigot:

Biological men cannot have periods and do not need tampons.

Did anyone born prior to this century ever think that statement would be necessary? I didn’t. No doubt, neither did you, yet here we are. “Jessica” Yaniv, a man who pretends to be a woman, tweeted yesterday, “My period started so ya, couldn’t go into the pool. But it was so much fun! Forgot my tampons in my other bag fml.”


Maybe ridicule will cure the idea that men can become woman before global warming gets us all.    Firenze Sage    JAJ48@aol..com
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