D’La Colmena has best soft tacos?

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Three soft tacos from  D’La Colmena  for $5 located at 129 West lake Ave., Watsonville, CA

Best soft taco in Watsonville, CA?  D’La Colmena sells three  soft tacos for $5.   Try the lengua (tongue). Yum!   Delicious!

Cheap! Lots of lime!  There’s several different kinds of soft tacos.   Three soft tacos for $5 is a new item.

D’La Colmena Market & Catering is located at 129 West Lake Ave., Watsonville, CA

More than 40 years in business, E’La Colmena is run as a father-son team  by Adrian Gonzalez who purchased it from his father Manuel Gonzalez.  Some employees have stayed more than 20 years.  One more than 30 years.

writte 9/28/19 n by Cameron Jackson   jaj48@aol.com

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