Start a Charter school in your CA community?

Does your  community  in CA  need a  charter school  which can offer  what’s best for your particular  child?   How can  you effectively  say ‘no more stalling the opening of schools?   Start a school?

Look what’s coming per Gov. Newsom:    Distance learning  via Zoom with homework packets via e-mail looms for many CA public schools.

The unions for teachers put the needs of their members far, far ahead of the needs of the students.   The teacher unions don’t think enough has been done to ensure the safety of all.  Unions prefer to put off the start of school.    But, what about the emotional health of the students?

How to start a charter school?  You need a Concept, Mission, Governance, Budget, Location and Petition.  Know that school boards are likely to view ‘the new kid on the block’ as taking money away from them.  The teacher unions are powerful and have a lot of say in how school boards make decisions.

So what’s the best  education for your child?  This year? A charter school? 

Aptos Psychologist:    Kids need social contact  with peers as much as they need actual teachers to interact with and learn from as role models.

Cameron Jackson, Ph.D.   Licensed Psychologist    831 688-6002


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