Donations to Black Lives fund violence & de-fund police? Yep!

Follow the money!  When you donate to Black Lives Matter — where exactly does that money go?   And how’s  that money used?

Donations to Black Lives  go to a different organization  — Act Blue Charities —  which  can then fund those donations  back to the organization to be  used for whatever  Black Lives chooses.

 Everything stays hush hush and the public is kept in the dark.  In 2018 Act Blue Charities on Form 990 with the IRS reported 24 MILLION in pass through revenue with no information as to who received the money.

Are Black Lives donations  used to fund urban violence and to de-fund the police?

Black Lives’s goal is to de-fund the police and that’s happening in various cities across the U.S. Top law enforcement officials have stepped down in Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Louisville as civic officials have cut police budgets.

What’s happening to police departments ability to keep people safe? Look at Seattle 8/12/2020:

Seattle Police Chief Resigns Amid Budget Cuts, Turmoil (WSJ August 12, 2020)  Seattle’s police chief Ms Best, resigns after council cut $4 million which will result in the loss of  100 officers from  the force of 1,400.

Are  donations  to Black Lives  used to fund  violence in  America’s urban cities?

All money donated to Black Lives  actually goes to   Act Blue Charities which is a 501 (c) (3)  which  acts as an  umbrella organization  for an unknown number of accounts.

Act Blue Charities says  that its mission is to democratize charitable giving by facilitation grassroots online fundraising to ELIGIBLE 501 (c) (3) organizations. 

But here’s the rub — Black Lives is NOT  a 501 (c) (3).  Black Lives does not have a identifying  IRS number.

So, Act Blue Charities accepts money and disperses it who knows how  from an entity — Black Lives  which is not a legitimate 501 (c) (3). You can send emails to:

In 2018, Act Blue Charities spent the huge sum of $138. only on Fundraising and Program Services cost $297,157, nearly $300 THOUSAND dollars.

 This is just not “on the up and up” as they say.   This is one organization [Act Blue Charities]   hiding money to allow other entities [e.g., Black Lives] to use  the money for whatever purposes they choose.

So what does Black Lives hope to achieve?  What do you think the words “eradicate white supremacy”mean?   Urban chaos such as looting of  downtown Chicago recently? Yep.

Black Lives  — the official website for Black Lives Matters — does absolutely nothing to help black children, save black lives, educate black children.  Black Lives Matters serves the political purposes of its founders.  Those purposes are Marxist goals, i.e., the taking over of existing government aka de-fund the police and create chaos in the streets.

There’s another organization that also collects donations under the Black Lives Matter name.  It’s called Black Lives Matters Global Network and it has chapters around the country.   Black Lives Matters Global Network collected 3.3 MILLION in donations during 2 weeks in June, 2020.  The Attorney General for New York put out an alert for New York residents to beware the organization.


Aptos Psychologist:

So what can you do? Plenty.   Help stop the  de-fund the police tactics of Black Lives     Talk to people.  Pass along this information and gather more.  Only give money to charitable organizations  that has identifying IRS  information. Look for the EIN # on their website and  literature requests for donation.  Use Charity 101 to check out how authentic the organization is. Black Lives provides NO information to the IRS. 

 How ever you can, speak out against Black Lives as a Marxist organization that hurts people of all colors. 


Recent example of a ‘good church person’ duped by Black Lives     

A deacon at the local episcopal church in Aptos, CA was complementary  about the recent demonstration Black Lives Matters held in Watsonville, CA which   the  episcopal priest had attended.  ‘I wish I too had gone’ the deacon commented. ‘Are we doing enough?’ the deacon  pondered. ‘We sent a letter to the local paper…’ 

 The episcopal church  located across from the White House recently put up a pro-Black Lives Matter sign.       

written by Cameron Jackson     


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