Russia grabbed WSJ non-spy journalist to exchange for a real Russian spy

Now we know why Russia arrested that non-spy Wall Street Journal employee —    Russia seeks to get a  real Russian spy back to Russia.

Brazilian and U.S. authorities say Sergey Cherkasov (SC)  posed as a Brazilian student under the name of Victor Muller Ferreira in Washington in order to conduct espionage against the West on behalf of Russia.

SC wants to go to Russian and Russia wants him.  The Wall Street Journal employee — currently in a Russian prison with end of August for next  court date —  was arrested  in Russia a mere  5 days after the US requested Brazil to extradite SC to the US.

Russia plays hard ball in the spy game.

The US better get prepared and “round up the usual suspects” i.e.  round up more  real Russian spies.


written by Cameron Jackson  5/28/23

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