Another big politico liar [John Perez]

Another big politico liar:   John Perez, California’s Assembly speaker,  lied about his educational background.  And this politico continued to lie about his educational achievements   until after he won his first election.

When Rep. Hilda  Solis inserted remarks in the Congressional Record praising Los Angeles  activist John  Pérez as “an asset to the labor movement,” she was recounting the life story  of a man who would later become California’s Assembly speaker.

“After graduating from the University  of California Berkeley, John began working on designing and organizing  education programs,” Solis, then a Los Angeles congresswoman and now U.S.  secretary of labor, wrote in 2004.

But the record is wrong: Pérez dropped out of UC Berkeley and  never returned.

For a decade, Pérez’s designation as a UC Berkeley graduate went unchallenged  in newspaper articles, biographies and public pronouncements – until after he  won his first Assembly race in 2008.

Since his election, Pérez has emerged as one of California’s most powerful  officials. He was elected Assembly speaker in 2009. As speaker, he is also an  ex-officio regent of the University of California.


Firenze  Sage:  Perez  couldn’t handle the rigors of the Chicano studies program so he went into  politics.

How to comparison shop Obama-Care



How to comparison shop  Obama-Care?  Compare   plans based on CAPS, DEDUCTIBLES & CO-PAYS.

CAPS:  What is the maximum the health care  plan will pay? That is what s a CAP means.

DEDUCTIBLE: How much do you have to pay out of pocket  before the insurance kicks in and starts to pay? How much can you afford to absorb in out of pocket immediate expenses?

CO-PAY:  How much  will you pay for each doctor visit?

Are you someone who already has a medical plan  and want to keep it? Watch out. If your plan does not conform to Obama’s standards, you may not be able to keep it.  So far 300,000 individuals  have lost coverage in Florida. In California one insurer (Kaiser)  has cancelled 160,000 people. 

Are you a first time buyer of medical insurance? Obama-Care needs scrutiny by young people who are 1st time buyers of health insurance.

Learn how to compare  private policies on these  important issues.

Remember, if you have no insurance you get stuck for a fine/penalty of $95 the first year. If you do end up in the hospital you can sign up when you need care.  

The House Speaker predicts that more people have been kicked off their medical plan than have been able to sign up on the web site.

The numbers so far show 3 times as many signing up for government run free care for the poor compared with private plans that meet the Obama-Care standards. So that just expands the number of people on a government run plan. If that trend continues, no way will Obama-Care pay for itself. It will implode.

Some say that was the Big Plan all along — that Obama-Care fail and turn into a One Payer system.  From the Democrat perspective the more control the government has over everything — that’s the highest good for the liberal/progressives.

Instead of merely throwing them out of office, why not require  all politicians who believe that more government is good to spend two months in North Korea.



Some resources: written by Cameron Jackson, Ph.D.  psychologist



MEDICARE ADVANTAGE are private health plans for person age 65+
MEDICARE ADVANTAGE are private health plans for person age 65+

Medicare Advantage – private health plans for persons over 65–  is a better way to go than Medicare. Two of the many companies that offer Medicare Advantage are United Health and Humana. 

 Proof in the pudding: there’s been a 64% increase in enrollments  during 2014 compared with 2013.

Important!  The government spends 14% more  per Medicare Advantage enrollee than e on medicare.

Yes 500 million was cut over 5 years. Over half of the cuts have been restored, however.  Now is the time to enroll — open enrollment started Oct. 15, 2013.


Obamacare’s Reviled Medicare Cuts Have Turned Out Better Than Expected.  See below:

While glitches continue to trouble insurance exchanges, another controversial part of the law has been a surprising success

While the new Obamacare insurance marketplaces have been plagued by dysfunction, an existing coverage program curtailed by the health care law appears to be working quite well. In fact, it’s even more attractive to consumers than before reforms put in place by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Back in 2009 and 2010, one of the harshest criticisms of President Obama’s health care law was that it would hurt seniors. The law’s $700 billion in cuts to Medicare over 10 years would deprive seniors of benefits and choices, critics said. Of particular concern was the plan to cut more than $100 billion out of a quasi-governmental program called Medicare Advantage, which allows seniors to get government-funded private insurance plans in place of traditional Medicare.

Four years later, with the ACA in place, it appears that worries about the future of Medicare Advantage have not come to fruition — at least not yet. The program is more popular than ever. Between 2010 and 2013, enrollment in the program increased 30%, defying the expectations of some of the top policy experts in Washington.

But Republicans have not given up. Some still say the program is in jeopardy thanks to Obamacare. “The chances are that soon [seniors] will open up the mail to the bad news that your Medicare Advantage … has been changed in a negative way for you because of Obamacare,” said Senator Marco Rubio recently, even though premiums, plan choices and benefits under Medicare Advantage have remained stable even with less money for the program.

(MORE: Obamacare Chief Defends Rocky Start on The Daily Show)

“So far, the concerns have not been borne out,” says Tricia Neuman, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation who studies Medicare Advantage. “Enrollment continues to climb. Some of the forecasts have predicted that plans would pull out and people would drop out — so far it hasn’t happened.”

When Medicare open enrollment begins on Oct. 15, the approximately 14 million seniors who choose Medicare Advantage will find options that are, in many cases, better and only marginally more expensive than in the past. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which oversees Medicare, the average Medicare Advantage monthly premium will increase only $1.64 in 2014, compared with in 2013. Of benefits and cost sharing, Gretchen Jacobson, also of Kaiser, says, “We haven’t seen dramatic changes.” Authors of the ACA originally targeted Medicare Advantage for cuts because the federal government was spending about 14% more per enrollee in the program than for those enrolled in standard Medicare. The ACA’s cuts to the program began in 2012 and will continue until 2017.

But the program has been cushioned by a new HHS initiative that awards bonus payments to insurers selling higher-quality plans. While the bonus program was authorized by the ACA, the federal government increased its funding in 2012, drawing scrutiny from the Government Accountability OfficeSome Republican lawmakers accused HHS of trying to mitigate negative effects of the ACA cuts before the 2012 elections. The payments may have softened the effects of cuts to Medicare Advantage, but the bonus payments totaled less than half of all cuts to the program so far under the ACA, according to Jacobson. In addition, the bonus payments may be responsible for the fact that more seniors will be enrolled next year in plans receiving four of five stars, in an HHS rating system, than in 2013.

While the full impact of Obamacare on Medicare Advantage cannot be measured until 2017, when all new cuts are in place, it appears that so far, the program has not suffered because of the law.

Read more:

Wondering about autism? Help via testing child’s placenta


Wondering about autism? There’s possible help via examination of the child’s placenta. 

Talk to your child’s MD and possibly get your child’s placenta tested. If you already have a child with autism this is particularly important.  Or if ‘autism-like’ traits run in your family. 

An  ‘autism-like’ rating at birth of  the cell structure of the child’s placenta can help.  Such a rating scale may  alert  parents to intervene immediately once warning signs of autism are observed. 

What is rated concerning possible autism   is the cellular structure of the child’s placenta.

The placenta is a structure that is part of the birth process. It typically it is discarded.  The cellular structure of the child’s placenta can be examined for possible abnormalities.

What kind of abnormalities?  Cells typically do not “fold” back on themselves.  Children with a much higher likelihood of autism have a much higher “folding” than do children not likely to have autism.

What did the research examine?  The research, done by the MIND Institute and Yale University,  looked at the cellular structure of babies who have a brother or sister with autism and compared them to children who have no siblings with autism.

What did the research find?  The results were striking.  Babies with a sibling with autism, had a much higher rating of “folding” of the cellular structure of the placenta.  Whereas children who had no siblings with autism typically had ratings of “2”, children with a sibling with autism had ratings of “15”. Wow.  That is a huge difference.

 Once done, if the child has a rating that alerts the pediatrician to the possibility of autism then the parents can watch and appropriately intervene.


Obama’s Hope & Change via Obama-Care

Obama-Care kicks in unless ...
Obama’s Hope & Change via Obama-Care kicks in unless Independents and Republicans successfully defund or put it off  for a year.

Remember Obama’s promise of Hope & Change back in 2008? And instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, Obama and the Democrats pushed through Obama-Care.  Now it’s 2013 and Obama-Care about to kick in. 

We the People don’t want Obama-Care. It’s just as unpopular  now as when it became a law passed by Congress with 0 bipartisan support from Independents or  Republicans. Two-thirds of Americans are worried and concerned how Obama-Care will affect them.

If  you are someone who dislikes Obama-Care,  do what you can do. Doing nothing is a form of support which  pleases those who created Obama-Care.

If you have not  yet done so,  exercise your free speech and right to assemble and petition your government.  Here’s how:

Pick up the phone and call your representatives.  Send  a  Twitter, Speak out on Face Book. Talk to your neighbors. Open your Contacts and send a group e-mail.  Just don’t be part of those millions wh just o let things happen.

Do what you can do even if seems hopeless, i.e.,  if  you live in a Democrat controlled district and happen to be Independent or a Republican.

For example,  I live in a  Democrat controlled  California  district where our “representative”  Sam Farr votes  the Democrat party line 9 out of 10 times.  Check out Sam Farr’s  stats.  93% of the time  Sam Farr  votes in lock step with the Democrat Party. To see Sam Farr’s voting record:

What are Independents and Republicans to do?  We are stuck between a rock and a hard spot. The Democrat Party, President Obama and Socialist/Democrat  Sam Farr  support Obama-Care as they   rightfully understand that Obama-Care will cave in and then, after some piecemeal attempts to fix it, the U.S.  will become a single payer medical system. Single payer was and is what President Obama and the Democrat Party seek.

Obama-Care puts millions more people into the current Medicare system.  Let’s look at how this plays out where I live, in Santa Cruz County,  California: Getting a Santa Cruz area physician  who takes Medicare is currently quite difficult.  Not impossible but very difficult. The shortage of  MD’s  willing to take Medicare  will only get astronomically worse.

There are already some medical  specialties wherein  Santa Cruz area MD’s  take no Medicare patients.  Child psychiatry is one area.  If you want a child psychiatrist and only have Medicare you must go out of  Santa Cruz county.  Developmentally delayed adults is another group of people  which  cannot find Santa Cruz area psychiatrists  willing to take Medicare.

How has socialist/ Democrat  congressman Sam Farr helped our Santa Cruz County  area physicians? Not at all.

Many years ago,  Santa Cruz County was classified as  a “rural” district.  Doctors  in ‘rural” districts get paid substantially less  for Medicare patients than doctors providing services  in “urban” areas such as Campbell, Saratoga and San Jose,

California. Sam Farr has represented Santa Cruz County for over 20 years. Yet, Sam Farr has never gotten the “rural” classification  for Santa Cruz  changed to “urban”.   Thus,  our  Santa Cruz, CA  doctors continue being paid substantially less than doctors 20 miles away over the hill. The local Santa Cruz Sentinel had a recent headline concering  the price of housing in Santa Cruz County. The area is one of the most expensive to live in:

For those out there concerned that medical doctors (and psychologists)  be paid decently for Medicare patients, remember Sam Farr’s failure  to change the classification of Santa Cruz County from rural to urban. Simply put, Sam Farr is  ineffective.  Voters should remember that in 2014. So when you call your representative, send a Twitter or get on FaceBook ….

Tell your representatives, neighbors and friends  that what’s good enough for Congress  is good enough for We the People.   Our congressional leaders opted out of Obama-Care.  Why?  Too expensive they said.  And we likewise we should say, Obama-Care is  too expensive! If  congress will  not  get in the boat, we should not either.

Another reason to de-fund and repeal Obama-Care:    Under Obama-Care,  younger  workers pay heavily to subsidize the old and sick.  And unfortunately, what the young are subsidizing with Obama-Care s is a sick system with doctors paid less and less and medical decisions increasingly made by administrators — by  the death squads as some have aptly described them. Pour millions more into the same system with the same number of physicians and what happens? Someone, some entity,  has to ration the medical services that are provided.  So, now everyone gets worse medical care that before.

A third reason to de-fund and repeal Obama-Care:   Thanks to President Obama’s  recent ad hoc decision,  there is no income verification. So anyone can say anything and sign up for Obama-Care.   Down the road, it will be on the government’s shoulders to get the money back. Perhaps this is why Obama-Care has 18,000  IRS jobs built in  –to oversee tax compliance in the long run. What people say as to their projected 2014 income is has enormous consequences determining  the government subsidy that  they receive.  For example, the difference of only $3,000 in projected 2014 income changes the government subsidy from a mere $50 to $600 or so.   So which figure is a person likely to tell the government?

Think of the Big Picture:  Currently, medical decisions are made between you and the physician you selected.  Under Obama-Care, administrators will made the most  important medical decisions. Doctors and hospitals will be out of the loop.

President Obama has opened the flood gates so that  younger workers will  sign up. Obama has let businesses off the hook for implementation before the next election. Congress is off the hook.

 Is this the Hope and Change that you wanted in 2008?  In 2012?  Now in 2013? The American public likes having their adult children able to be on their parent’s policy until age 26. The public wants prior medical conditions covered.  Fine.  There are other ways to do so without implementing Obama-Care.

It’s time to put the skids on Obama’s Hope & Change via Obama-Care.  What say you?

Cameron Jackson

What’s OK for black ministers to say per Eric Holder

black congregations bb
What’s OK for black ministers to say about politics per Eric Holder



Eric Holder tells black ministers what is OK to say
Eric Holder tells black ministers what is OK to say

Attorney General Eric Holder and IRS officials advised black ministers on how to engage in political activity during elections without violating their tax-exempt status.My, My.

Holder, then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, and Peter Lorenzetti, a senior official in the scandal-plagued agency’s exempt organizations division, participated in a May 2012 training session for black ministers from the Conference of National Black Churches. It was held at the U.S. Capitol hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Eric Holder spoke at the event.

“We’re going to, first of all, equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501(c)(3) status with the IRS,” said then-CBC chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat from Missouri. “In fact, we’re going to have the IRS administrator there. We’re going to have Attorney General Eric Holder there…the ACLU.”


Firenze Sage, Esq.   And the Army will train militias and the ATF bootleggers and the TSA smugglers in the ethical world of Eric Holder.