Firenze Sage: know it alls get thrashed [woman threw hot coffee on men not wearing masks]

An unhinged lunatic woman  approached two men, sitting outside in Manhattan Beach, California. The woman then lectured the men for not wearing masks.

She didn’t like their responses so she threw hot coffee on them.  Obviously, she’s not  a very tolerant and loving person.  She didn’t expect the men to get up and beat her boyfriend bloody.

But it might have been avoided in Holland at least:

Holland’s top scientists have examined data and research about COVID-19 and declared there is no clear evidence that wearing face masks protects — anyone.

In fact, the scientists say wearing masks may actually hamper the fight against virus.   So — no maks in public and enjoy the sun!

  “Face masks in public places are not necessary, based on all the current evidence,” said Coen Berends, spokesman for the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. “There is no benefit and there may even be negative impact.  


Firenze Sage:   Know it alls  get thrashed.    

Compare Obama & Trump on money in pocket, unemployment & inequality of income — let’s hoof back to Obama or re-create what Trump did?

Who did a better job on the economy — Obama or Trump — comparing money in the pocket, unemployment and inequality of income?

Obama fans  — read and weep!  Your hero Obama  stayed stuck in the mud.  This is from the Wall Street Journal Opinion page, Monday, August 3, 2020.

Money:   So did Obama or Trump put the most money in the pocket of  American families?     Comparing Obama with Trump as to which President did the best job raising  the annual medium income  (AMHI), Trump did twice as well as Obama.    That’s comparing Obama’s 8 years with the first two years of Trump’s administration.   (see WSJ,   The Economy That Obama Handed Trump Aug. 3, 2000).

Unemployment:   Unemployment and under-employment under Obama?   Remember the vast number of working-age people who were unable to find jobs and had given up actively looking for work during the Obama yaars?   The labor-force declined during Obama’s years and in Sept. 2015 it was the lowest since 1977.  Millions during those 8 years  were not working.  Remember all the people who  were reduced from full to part-time employment due to ObamaCare insurance rules?  In comparison, prior to the pandemic Trump’s policies  have encouraged job growth and put increased the well-being of workers and that of their families. [Teresa & Rich Guerriello’s Letter]

Income inequality:      How come so much more inequality?   Obama or Trump related?    Under Obama, after a full four years in office the unemployment rate was higher than when Obama took office Jan. 20, 2009.  This high unemployment rate persisted because it was the weakest expansion rate since the 1940s.   During  the 8 years of Obama with low economic growth and high unemployment, income inequality increased.    [Lee Huffman]

Aptos Psychologist:  Lately the drum beats by progressives and mainstream   media are getting louder and louder  about ‘income inequality’  that exists between ‘whites’ and Afro-Americans.  Progressives connect the increasing  income inequality between whites and blacks to ‘structural racism’ and ‘white supremacy’ .    Those are made up constructs of which there’s considerable discussion lately.

Why not just face the economic facts that during  Obama’s economy there was considerable increase in income inequality. That was there before Trump took office.

Tik Tok on the block. Hey, Zoom, Bring home those jobs?

Tik Tok, which Trump planned to ban from the U.S., will be bought by Microsoft (WSJ, Aug.1). Concern is about the collection of data on U.S.users by the Communist Party.  What about Zoom?

Will Zoom be next on Trump’s hit list?      Zoom employs over 700 employees in R&D centers across China and routes all  its streams through Chinese servers.  Can  the Chinese Communist Party look at anything that anyone posts on Zoom from  anywhere? Recently, Zoom hired a former top official for Trump to manage concerns about privacy.

Zoom states that  it offers end-to-end encryption (ETEE)  for both paid and free users.  That should mean that the Chinese Communist Party can’t see user’s data. Zoom has put considerable effort into improving privacy for all users.  Free users will provide a phone number to ensure that they are who they are.

Aptos Psychologist:  It’s  time to de-couple the USA from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).    The ‘globalization’ efforts  of the Clinton and Obama years  reaching out to China  resulted in the loss of about 1/3 of USA manufacturing jobs.  China got richer and America became poorer due to globalization.  And now the USA is too dependent on China — run by the Chinese Communist Party —  for things we should manufacture for ourselves. Like drugs.

The USA economy was booming until the Covid-19  pandemic struck.  In early 2000, the Chinese Communist Party exported Covid-19,  a deadly  virus  manufactured  in a Chinese research lab,   to the world.  In California, Gov. Newsom, a Democrat govenor,  recently bought half a million masks from China as he continues to keep California’s economy shut-down. First China wrecks havoc on the world’s economy and then it makes a profit selling  masks to California.

It’s time for Trump and Congress to say enough is enough.  Bring jobs back to America. 

Say this message to Nike, Apple and also to Zoom.  Apple recently complied with the Chinese Communist Party  by taking down thousands of foreign made video games.    There’s reports that Nike’s shoes are made with slave labor.  

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What to do for CA schools, jobs, churches – closed by Gov. Newsom

What can you do to help re-open  CA schools, jobs & churches closed by  California  Democrat Gov. Newsom?  Plenty. As a taxpayer and voter, speak your mind.

First of all, know that that  Democrat Party  actions show  Democrats   prefer continued  economic meltdown to economic growth.

Example:   Today 7/31 the Democrats blocked extension of renewal of federal enhanced unemployment benefits at $200 a week.

What you can do?   Write your representatives — almost all Democrats in CA — and ask them to explain why two-thirds of regular pay is not enough given prior Democrat proposals that set virus sick pay leave and family medial leave at two-thirds regular pay. Why?  The real answer is that Democrats are blocking economic revival.  The economy contracted about 1/3 in the second quarter of 2020 — the largest ever contraction.   It must be ‘we the people’ who open the economy that get people back to work. Time to speak up.

 Second,   know that health advisor   Dr. Farci  is in the tank in support of  the Democrats ‘do nothing’  approach when he tells Congressman Jordan that the public should  ‘avoid all crowds’ but won’t comment whether  the government should control crowds of protesters.  So, crowds of protests are OK for Farci but not others.  See below:

So what can you and I do  to help get children back to school?   Parents can say ‘no more unionized instruction’  of their children’ in government schools paid for by   required taxation.  Encourage competition by forming more charter schools and  attending private schools.  It’s competition that brings costs down and improves quality.  We readily see how competition  drives down costs  at the grocery stores and it’s also true for  other costs.

What about re-opening the churches and faith organizations?  There’s a piece in the WSJ today how believing that life has meaning helps individuals thrive. There’s lots of research that supports that view.

The WSJ  article is titled,    Titled Free Markets and Meaning in Life by Clay Routledge and John Bitzan. It discusses research that found that  a sense of life’s meaningfulness is tightly tied to positive views of capitalism and entrepreneurship.

What might people do?      Does your church or where you work support the marxist  organization  Black Lives  (BLM)?   Look at the BLM website and you will find it opposes the nuclear family and seeks to de-fund the police.   Why not suggest to your church or work place that they hold   a discussion of the above listed WSJ  article that supports capitalism and entrepreneurship compared with what’s  supported by the Black Lives website?

You  can see from what’s going on in Portland, Oregon  and Seattle, Washington  that what starts out as  peaceful protests are   hijacked by Antifa and  Black Lives Matter folks.   Per the videos,  these  ‘protesters’ are destroying property and doing violence to people.

One Episcopal priest, Sara Fischer,  who has been attending the protests in Portland    has this to say:  [Egan Millard is an assistant editor and reporter for Episcopal News writes the following re Sara Fisher.]

“I’m there out of compassion and concern for all the protesters. And I think the first time I went down there I thought, well, nobody’s going to throw tear gas at a silver-haired white lady in a collar. And it turns out that there’s so many people there, the feds don’t really discriminate.”

The below quote is from  Egan Millard, an assistant editor and reporter for Episcopal News Service.  His email:

“The Rev. Sara Fischer doesn’t know what to expect next, but she sees it as part of her duty as a priest to protect those who are in danger and support their message, regardless of the ways in which they protest. As much as she would prefer to see completely nonviolent protests, she understands why that’s not the case.”

“I think that the church’s role is to protect and defend protesters, to be present, to show up,”  Sara Fischer  said to Egan Millard.   

Aptos Psychologist:   The protests in Portland and Seattle started because of the  murder of  George Floyd  by a white policeman.  That was the end of May, a couple months ago.  What’s going on now has morphed into violence against people and vandalism and destruction of homes and businesses.   Video footage night after night shows that  Antifa and Black Lives Matter are central players  to the disorders.

It’s Democrat mayors and Democrat governors   who permit  the chaos to continue. The public must let their representatives and the media [typically in the tank for the Democrats] know what you think of the continued  violence in Democrat run cities  against person and property.

Harmed  among  others  are the black  families  and  black small businesses living in Democrat run cities who are  caught in the cross fire  and  experience the violence.   Doing  prolonged violence and vandalism   is not the way to  remember the murder of  George Floyd.

What say you?

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Remember — Seattle’s Nakamura U.S. Courthouse named for 20 year old Japanese-American hero

Remember — Seattle’s besieged federal courthouse is named after a young, 20 year old Japanese-American soldier and hero  named Nakamura.

This young soldier in 1942, shortly  after he and his family were interned, joined the Army’s famous 442 Regimental Combat Team  and  two years later  saved his platoon by destroying the enemy’s machine gun nest and covering the  withdrawal of his platoon.   In 1944, Nakamura  lost his life to save fellow  American lives.

Nakamura  was the first Army volunteer from Minidoka Relocation Center (an internment camp) to be killed in action.  In 2000, President Clinton presented  22 war heroes with Medals of Honor;  these soldiers   had been denied Medals of Honor at the time on account of their Asian ancestry.

Aptos Psychologist:  Asian lives matter.  All lives matter.


Where buy hydroxychloroquine [anti-malaria] as preventative for COVID-19?

Use hydroexchloroquine as a preventative for COVID-19?


Dr. Stella Immanuel  of Houston says that she has  given the  drug for COVID-19 related issues  to 300 patients  without  problems.

Where can people get it?   You can buy from Canada!  Where made?   It’s  made in Great Britain!   The cost for the generic is about a dollar a pill.   Go to CanadaPharmacyOnline 

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hydroxychloroquine, Plaquenil: Facts and Side Effects


Aptos Psychologist:   Let people have access to information about possible ways to prevent COVID-19.  There’s doctors out there who are convinced that hydroexchloroquine does work both as a preventative and for treatment of COVID-19  in conjunction with zinc and other medications.  Front line doctors need the flexibility to make decisions with their patients as how to proceed.



Prevent COVID-19? Take 200 mg of hydroxychloroquine twice a week say frontline MDs

Want to prevent getting COVID-19?  Consider taking that anti-malaria drug.   The one which  President Trump takes.

A group of frontline  MDs recommend for prevention of COVID-19 that   you take a low dosage —200 mg   — of anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine  twice a week for prevention of COVID-19 . Very important, also  take the mineral zinc.

This was one of the recomendations of a  group of frontline medical doctors during a press conference in Washington D.C. on 7/22/2020.

  Hydroxychloroquine   is viewed as a life-saving medication for both prevention and treatment of  COVID-19 by these M.Ds.  

A group of MD’s  explained why they support  the anti-malaria drug for prevention and as a possible cure for COVID-19 during  a press conference 7/28/2020.

Their main point is that the public should have access to information and make up their own mind — not be spoon fed one side of the story by the press and supposed  medical experts. Dr.   Fauci  — who has been in his job since 1984 —  strongly  supported the anti-malaria drug 15 years ago;  now he opposes it. Why the flip flop?   

Dr.Faui  has not seen an actual patient for treatment  in 20 years;  these medical doctors say that Dr. Fauci needs to meet regularly  with actual MDs who are on the front lines treating the virus.

  Dr. Emanuel — on Twitter —  was one of the doctors excoriating Dr. Fauci for being out of touch with front line doctors who treat patients. Dr. Emanuel said she has treated 300 patients — many with co-morbid conditions (diabetes, obesity, heart) and all of them were helped by use of the anti-malaria medication in conjunction with other meds.       

Gist of what  these  frontline MD’s said:

Facts:  Several randomized studies show no health benefits for the drug.  One was in the New England Journal of Medicne.  That patients treated do show improvement is also a fact. The drug works.  This drug has been used variously, e.g.  for rheumatoid arthritis, lupis and malaria.  Why limit the use of the is drug by MDs?   Doctors who do the treatment need to have flexibility to use this drug.   So say this group of doctors.

Pay attention to deaths caused by the virus — and ignore the case numbers which are irrelevant.    The  media focuses on case numbers which don’t matter.    It’s deaths that matter and   numbers of deaths by COVID-19  are hard to get.

Children need and must get   back to school.  Children are the least affected and young children don’t pass it on.

Unions are stopping the opening of the schools.  One of the MDs, Dr. James Tadaro,  who said he was from California said that it’s the unions which keep the schools closed.   The American Federation of Teachers (AFT)  in CA seeks to defund the police and to put a moratorium on charter schools. Dr. Todaro is on Twitter and has a website titled Medicine Uncensored.

Where to purchase the anti-malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine.   It  is sold over the counter in many parts of the world including Iran and Indonesia.  It has been used safely for 50 years.  It is as safe as asprin say these doctors. Some pharmacies are interfering with MD’s prescription of the drug they say.

What  doseage  hydroxychloroquine   as a preventaitve?     For prevention of  COVID-19,  take 200 mg  (only) twice a week and also take   the mineral zinc. Your lungs are depleted of zinc they say.

And now Squarespace   – the website for these doctors —    REMOVED THEIR WEBSITE TODAY!
Tech giants Twitter, YouTube etc.,  are REFUSING to broadcast information on the use of an anti-malaria drug.   

written by Cameron Jackson


behold the Jerry Nadler myth [who says no riots in Portland]

An Associated Press (AP) reporter watched several U.S. Marshal agents sustain wounds as thousands sparred with police during the journalist’s stay at a federal courthouse in Portland  over the 7/25/2000 weekend.

An estimated 4,000 people converged on Portland’s Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, and demonstrators made their presence known by hurling concrete and launching fireworks from behind the massive fence that stood between them and federal agents, according to an AP report.

On Sunday the fence surrounding the courthouse was breached by protesters.

AP reporter Mike Balsamo was inside the building during the siege and watched a total of six agents sustain injuries, including one who was bloodied after taking a direct hit from a firework, he reported.  Not reporting what’s actually going on in Portland has gone on for some time.


Firenze Sage: New York  Democrat Jerry  Nadler says it never happened.  Is he lying or stupid or both?     The east coast media does not show Portland at night.

Just the type to call for racial justice [Jussie Smollett]

Unemployed actor and hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett was spotted protesting  outside of Trump Tower this weekend.

Remember Jussie Smollett?   He staged a hate crime and lied to police.

Hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett was indicted in February on 6 charges of disorderly conduct by a special prosecutor in Chicago more than one year after he falsely claimed two white  Trump supporters attacked him with bleach and put a rope around his neck.

It turned out Jussie Smollett paid two Nigerian brothers $3,500 to help him carry out the hate hoax.

The “two white Trump supporters” were black Nigerians in white face. Jussie later claimed that drugs were responsible. 

This weekend Jussie Smollett was out protesting in front of Trump Tower in New York City.


Firenze Sage:    Jessie do get around.

-Bring on the 2nd amendment [police cannot protect business owners in Seattle]

The Seattle police chief informs business owners that they are on their own against rioters. The city council has tied her hands. The police do not have the tools to combat mob violence . So who will protect against mob violence?   

The letter is a wonder to behold — a first for civil society in a modern industrialized country. Law enforcement telling the people they are sworn to protect that government won’t let them do their jobs and that any damage done to the business owners’ property isn’t the fault of the police.

Please also know that the City Council Ordinance 119805 Crowd Control Tool goes into effect this weekend on Sunday, July 26, 2020. This ordinance bans Seattle Police officers the use of less lethal tools, including pepper spray that is commonly used to disperse crowds that have turned violent. Simply put, the legislation gives officers NO ability to safely intercede to preserve property in the midst of a large, violent crowd.

It is important to bring to your attention that yesterday, I sent the City Council a letter ensuring them that as the Chief of Police, I have done my due diligence of informing them numerous times of the foreseeable impact of this ordinance on upcoming events. The letter is attached for your reference.

For these reasons, Seattle Police will have an adjusted deployment in response to any demonstrations this weekend – as I will never ask our officers to risk their personal safety to protect property without the tools to do so in a safe way.


Firenze Sage:     Welcome  Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp