More holes in Dr. Ford’s story support Kavanaugh’s testimony

This smells?  More holes in Dr. Ford’s story support Kavanaugh’s testimony

More holes in Dr. Ford’s story support Kavanaugh’s testimony.The only other girl — best buddy then and for years with Dr. Ford — testifies to FBI she never knew Kavanaugh and never attended any small party with him or Ford.

Ford supposedly ran out of the house and somehow got home 20 minutes away as crow flies. Ford’s friend, best buddy for years, never came up to Ford and inquired why leave  and Ford never spoke to her in ’72 about the supposed event.

Dr. Blasey Ford’s story gets more and more holes in it.  First she could not fly to Washington D.C yet she flies world wide for pleasure and work.  Then  she was  told that the Judicial Committee would fly to her in CA or anywhere.  Either her attorneys did not tell her — which is malpractice — or she somehow did not recall it.   Then Ford testifies that adding another front door was main reason for couples’s therapy in 2012 although the building  permit was  gotten in 2007 and pictures show completed by 2011.

Women who have been assaulted — including those nearly assaulted who escaped successfully — remember the details.  Lots of details.  But Blasey Ford cannot recall vital details.

Remember those high school days and high school friendships?   They go deep.  Blasey Ford’s best girl friend does not corroborate.  One more big hole.

Latest info:  Ford’s former boy friend says Ford helped prepare person for a polygraph and that Ford ran up bills after he took her off his credit card.  See link here. 

written by Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson 

Senator Feinstein’s mail box full. Send FAX!


Send Democrat Senator Feinstein a FAX as her mail boxes are “full”

Senator Feinstein’s mail boxes in  San Francisco,  San Diego and elsewhere are full.  So you can’t call her.  Send Feinstein  a FAX!   Below!

415 393-0710 San Francisco

310 914-7318 Los Angles

619 231-1108 San Diego

559 485-9689 Fresno

Feinstein sat on Dr. Ford’s  letter for six weeks and asked no questions of Judge Kavanaugh re Ford’s allegations  until after the Judiciary Hearing closed.  Democrats “delay and destroy” tactics.

Speak up –  it’s what all voters can do.

written by Aptos Psychologist   Cameron Jackson


Let us pray — or try to [visiting prof Pnina Peri]

Pnina Peri,  visting prof  at Univ. of Maryland &  wife of  well known  Yoram Peri  [ New Israel Fund]   berates two men performing Jewish prayers at airport in Israel.

You-Tube has removed the video which shows Pnina Peri berating the two men. The above photo is all we can locate.

Pnina Peri’s husband,   Yoram Peri,  is director  of the   Gildenfhorn Institute which  hired his wife Pnina Peri to come to Maryland as a visiting assistant professor.

Pnina Peri’s specialty is diversity training.  Sounds like Pnina Peri could try to show some  human kindness.

The May 30 cellphone video depicting a woman berating two Jewish men for performing a Jewish prayer at an airport would probably never have made news, let alone “gone viral,” were it not for a confluence of details that make the entire episode so bizarre.

It is peculiar that the location was Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, where Jews might believe they have a right to pray wherever they please. But the revelation that the perpetrator of the attack, Pnina Peri, is a professor of Israel studies made the scene incomprehensible for average viewers. For others it clarified everything. In the many articles about Peri’s bizarre outburst in Ben Gurion airport, she is referred to in virtually every one as “an expert in Multicultural studies.” If so, her behavior casts a pall over her expertise and calls into question the value of her chosen field. The video shows Peri shouting and berating a Chabad rabbi as he helps a fellow traveler put on tefillin (the leather straps and boxes containing scripture used in Jewish morning prayer). As the men perform their unobtrusive prayer ritual, Peri screams at them, “Move because you are bothering me” and bellows “Why are you doing this here? There are people here.”

If the video had ended there, or if she had walked away, Peri might still be unknown. What she did made her infamous: she laughed for a very long time at the men, up-close and in their faces. It was a chilling performance that has to be seen to be believed. Most accounts say that she “laughs mockingly,” but this is too mild. She derides the men in Hebrew, but her laugh transcends language. It is a taunting and cruel laugh, deliberate and prolonged.

Firenze Sage opines:  Imagine this professor doing this to a Muslim at Damascus airport.

NAFTA “the worst trade deal ever made” says Trump



NAFTA  is “the worst trade deal ever made” Trump tweets.

NAFTA permits China and other  Asian and European countries to import car parts to Mexico and Canada and — once assembled there — those cars enter the USA market without tariffs.

Because of this “loophole”, NAFTA is  great deal for Mexico and Canada and  for parts manufacturers  world wide.  NAFTA has been and continues to be   bad deal for USA manufacturing.

So — keeping another campaign promise —  expect Trump to exit NAFTA and establish separate trade deals with Canada and Mexico.    Here’s why:

Disclose citizenship to prove there is no fraud says Chet Burum’s letter in Santa Cruz Sentinel


voter fraud?   Easy way to prove there’s none!

Slam dunk way to prove there’s no voter fraud!   So writes Chet Burum:

“The Santa Cruz Sentinel  editorial on April 4 expressed concern about the Trump administration’s additional question of a person’s legal or illegal status for the 2020 census.

This information could give the progressive left proof to their claim that there is no truth that illegal immigrants are voting.

Then if they would agree to take dead people and those who no longer live in that district off the voter rolls along with requiring identification at the polls.

All of which would prove there is no voter fraud. This would surely quiet the conservatives. After all, there’s nothing to hide right?

The editorial also speaks of our  CA Attorney General’s claim that requiring an illegal immigrant to disclose their citizenship status is unconstitutional.

Can anyone show me in the constitution where it gives illegal immigrants constitutional rights? They should certainly be treated humanely, as should we all, but still, my question remains. Just a thought.

— Chet Burum, Bonny Doon 

published Friday, April 6, 2018 on the Opinion page, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Rail Banking NOW Santa Cruz CA style? Let’s put in a trail that works as a train will never happen ….Carey Pico comments…


rail banking NOW in Santa Cruz CA

“David, that is why rail banking makes sense. Save it until we need to bite the bullet and put in a train. What’s wrong with that?

“If we don’t rail bank now, the County [of Santa Cruz, CA]  will be forced to subsidize freight service by millions each year with infrastructure maintenance (as they did with Iowa Pacific) until the tracks can really be used in a cost-efficient way.

“Right now, the RTC [Regional Transportation Committee]  is discussing spending $30M to upgrade the tracks to Class-2 (30 mph max) to support a freight train with no benefit to the County.

“Think about it, a commuter train needs Class-3 (60 mph), so the tracks would have to be torn out again and replaced whenever the County really needs a train in 30 years. The idiocy of this discussion within the RTC astounds me.

“So why not rail bank it and use it until needed?

written by Carey  Pico  — of Aptos CA

What becomes of illegal unaccompanied children from central america? 2,4,6 years later?

Who are the “unaccompanied alien children (UACs) ” in California?

The accompanying image is far different from the typical picture of “unaccompanied alien children (UACs).

Most are young men ages 15-17 who flee from central america. Here’s the statistics for California:

95% of the unaccompanied children illegally entering the USA come from central america, the most (45%) from Guatamala in 2017.  Two thirds (68%) are male and 70% are age 15 – 17.  In 2017,

In  California, in 2017  6,252 UAC’s (unaccompanied alien children) were released to sponsors.

Information about the process:

When a child who is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian is apprehended by immigration authorities, the child is transferred to the care and custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). Federal law requires that ORR feed, shelter, and provide medical care for unaccompanied alien children until it is able to release them to safe settings with sponsors (usually family members), while they await immigration proceedings. These sponsors live in many states.

“Sponsors are adults who are suitable to provide for the child’s physical and mental well-being and have not engaged in any activity that would indicate a potential risk to the child. All sponsors must pass a background check. The sponsor must agree to ensure the child’s presence at all future immigration proceedings. They also must agree to ensure the minor reports to ICE for removal from the United States if an immigration judge issues a removal order or voluntary departure order.


Aptos Psychologist:   So what happens to these unaccompanied alien children as the become older?  Do these “unaccompanied alien children” get sucked into the “gang culture”?

The Arizona statistics are not encouraging:  roughly half of DACA youth  are functionally illeterate in English  and expected that they will use Food Stamps to make ends meet.

Information on the Arizona statistics for DACA:

We calculate shares of the prison population based on the age at which the criminal entered prison. So undocumented immigrants between 15 and 35 make up 2.27% of the total population and 7.94% of convicts. While the legal population between 15 and 35 represents 26.7% of the total population, they account for just 54.7% of the legal population in prison. Young undocumented immigrants make up a 71% greater share of their group’s share of the prison population relative to their group’s share of the general population than the same ratio for legal residents. . . .

Unfortunately, if the goal of DACA is to give citizenship to a particularly law-abiding group of undocumented immigrants, it is accomplishing the opposite of what was intended. As Table 8 in the paper shows, DACA age eligible undocumented immigrants are 250 percent more likely to be convicted of crimes than their share of the population. Those too old for DACA status are convicted at relatively low rates (45.7 percent more than their share of the Arizona population).


Why & How Immigration policies must change


Stand in line when entering the USA to live & work. Follow the federal immigration policies.

Why & how U.S. immigration policies must change:

The  USA backlog of illegals entering  is huge and the USA decision rate for these cases  is low.

There is a backlog of 660,000 cases. That’s a lot of cases.   That’s a lot of  undocumented individuals  running around finding some sort of employment as they stay  under the radar.

Legal advise is ‘get a lawyer’  (this improves the odds of winning from 10% to 50% currently) and lawyers cost money.  Hence, undocumented person are advised to get a job to pay for the lawyer.

Immigration judges decided 32,000 cases   in 2017.   That rate was the highest in 5 years. Roughly 62% of cases overall are rejected currently.

Do the math. It would take 20 years to decide a backlog of  660,000 cases  divided by a rate of  32,000 a year.

The policy of “catch and release” came about under President  Obama.  Overwhelmed by thousands of  undocumented persons —  largely from El Salvador and other central american countries  — the USA was flooded.

Roughly 330,00  individuals were “caught and released” and these persons  went underground and did not go to their court appearances.  Many did and continue to get   jobs.

These ‘catch and release’ individuals  affect the  overall jobs that are  available to persons legally in the USA.

Why don’t these economic/ political refugees, largely from El Salvador and central america,   go elsewhere?  Mexico rejects rougly  90% of “refugees”.   Same rate for  the Philippines.  Where to go?  Russia only declines 11%.

In March 2018 Attorney General Sessions implemented several  major changes in USA  immigration policies. These changes may  reduce the backlog.

One change:   Judges can now decide cases based on written evidence without a full hearing. That could speed things up.

Another change coming up:  will “economic refugees” continue to be granted special status?

The overall goal is to reduce the backlog of 660,000 persons sufficiently so that persons who are apprehended for illegal entry  into the USA are kept incarcerated until their hearing.

Perhaps — if people who ‘jump the fence’ know that, once caught,  they are in a USA  jail and not free to get a job,  that may slow down the rate of persons who come. Maybe.

Aptos Psychologist:  Yes the USA welcomes immigrants.  In the 1600’s immigrants  came on  boats to escape religious persecution.  Today the USA continues   to welcome  more legal immigrants than any other nation.

Yes,  immigrants are welcome.  Stand in line. Follow the laws.

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