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freedom ? — Trump, Hilary and the “swamp” in Washington square off…. who is winning?

Three issues:  immigration, taxes and health care.  Looks like  the “swamp” still runs Washingon D.C. The alligators are strong.

And the world keeps getting less safe in so many ways…. Las Vegas with 50+ dead and 500 sent to hospital. So sad.  So terrible.

Trump stumped for a physical   Wall to control illegal immigration,  he wants to  reduce taxes on the middle class  and Trump  wants to repeal Obama-Care.

Where are we?

So far, 10 months into his Presidency,  Trump   can’t seem  get much done on any of these three issues.  The ‘swamp’ [big time donors, the ‘establishment’ of both Democrats and Republicans] oppose Trump’s stance on all  3 issues.

Remember Hillary?  Hilary opposed a Wall, wanted  a single payer system of health care and said  she wants to soak the rich —  but who knows really what her policies would have been on taxes.

Freedom for the little guy.  The small business.  The lemon juice  stand.  People who want to start a business or grow one.  How can we help to  increase freedom?

And how can people safely go to a Country Western concert and just ‘hang out’ with friends listening to music that heals them?  How do we as a People heal …?

written  Oct. 7, 2017  by Cameron Jackson




Attorney General Sessions & FBI Comey: Mumm’s the word


Stephanie Murphy, Florida Representative says not OK to talk to ambassadors

 So it’s not OK  for the top Justice person, Jeff  Sessions,  to talk to ambassadors?

CNN anchor JAKE TAPPER: Congresswoman, Attorney General Sessions said he was recusing himself from the matter but obviously played a leading role in the firing of Comey, he’s playing a leading role in the hiring of his replacement. Do you have concerns about that?

REP. STEPHANIE MURPHY (D), FLORIDA: Absolutely I do have concerns about that. We know that  Attorney General Sessions recused himself because he had had contact with Russian government officials and I’m somebody who has had one of the highest clearances in this country and I know that —

TAPPER: You used to serve at the Pentagon.

MURPHY: That’s correct.And I know that there’s no such thing as appropriate contact with a hostile foreign government, and so he’s recused himself from the Russian investigation. I don’t believe that he should be involved in selecting the FBI director. We need to have somebody who is beyond reproach in that position.


Firenze Sage:    This woman [Stephanie Murphy] hates Trump to the point of derangement. What are ambassadors for if not to talk to even if from Iran,N Korea or Russia.

2014 ambassador from north Korea to Russia


Joe Biden award for freedom: another Obama maudlin moment


freedom award for who just as Obama leaves office -- VP Biden. Oh?

freedom award for who just as Obama leaves office — VP Biden. Oh?

A maudlin moment by Obama:

Latest who gets Medal of Freedom:  Joe Biden

Matt Lauer  (so we hear)  was in tears when Barack Obama awarded Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a surprise ceremony Thursday.

“I’m glad there were no cameras in my apartment yesterday because I was just sitting there weeping,” Lauer said Friday morning on the “Today” show. “I just burst out crying when I saw that moment.”

” It was incredible.


Oh C’mon Matt buck up it’s only another cheap political move like Obama getting the Secy of Defense to give him an award. Little kids and merit badges huh?

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Tomorrow we know: ObamaCare? Illegal immigrants? “Deplorables”?


Freedom or

What direction for America?

Tomorrow —  when we wake up  — Americans  will know what direction the country will take:  ObamaCare, illegal immigration,  “Deplorables”,  likely  control of the  Supreme Court.

Can “outsider” such as Trump  win?  Or  will  The Clinton Foundation and  “elete”  of Washington and New York — who spectacularly don’t know middle america — continue to rule?

Pray that Americans make the right choices — for freedom, justice and the same rule of law for all persons.

About 70% of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction.  Well, it’s been Obama and Hilary as Secretary of State guiding how this country has been going.  Will Americans vote for a new direction?

Early polling  suggests that Americans want  to elect a “strong leader” .  That sounds like Trump as Hilary’s leadership reminds people of Bengazi and four dead Americans and that America is involved in 5 undeclared wars right now.

If Hilary wins, then more  costly  ObamaCare comes  our way.  If  Trump, then ObamaCare   can  be — likely will be —  thrown out.

If Trump wins, illegal immigration  can be controlled.  A recent poll shows that Hispanics overwhelmingly want illegals sent home.

What about the “Deplorables” which Hilary says make up half of Trump’s support.    Hilary may express regret about her remarks, but  how  will Hilary’s “Deplorables” vote?

Hispanics and immigration:  Per a poll released today,  Hispanics want laws enforced and illegals sent home.  So  — as one might surmise, Hispanics ‘get it’ that opening the flood gate to illegals hurts  plenty of USA born people looking for minimum wage jobs.

Blacks vote as a bloc for Obama/ Hilary?   Will the young Blacks do the bidding of Michelle Obama who tells them “Just vote Democrat.”  One young Black woman interviewed said that she was not staying on the Plantation as Michelle Obama tells her.  This young black woman refuses to vote Democrat  just because Michelle Obama tells her to.

Tomorrow — when we wake up and read the papers and turn on the news — then we will know what direction America will go.  Let’s pray that freedom and liberty and one rule of law applies to all persons.





I’d NEVER vote for ..Trump …Hilary …say friends. You say?


Freedom!  An d all treated the same under the law.

And you say?   A good friend I have is a NEVER Trump person.  And another one is a NEVER Hilary.

 For me, listen and learn and when you go into that  voting booth — then vote for the best person who will truly keep and continue to make America the miracle it has been for 200+ YEARS.

There is no other country like America.

America attracts people because of our liberty and freedom.  This is a watershed election.

Trump has managed to connect with so many different kinds of people.

If Hilary wins  — and if  The Clinton Foundation is found “dirty”   i.e.. sells access to our government for money — this practice will continue.  As of  the Friday before election, the conservative press reports that an indictment is likely.  Given that the New York Times and “progressive” media do not report this story — what will the American public know of this story before the elections?

 If Hilary wins she will be the first President who enters office with at least two criminal prosecutions to face.

10 Reasons Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton


Pray for America: for freedom! That the same laws apply to all.



Pray for America every day at 6 pm for one minute -- CA time

Pray for America every day at 6 pm for one minute — CA time

Yes, it is time to pray. Pray for America.   Every day.  Especially right now.  This election matters more than any other election  in the last 30+  years.

There’s a movement that we all pray at the same time.  Here in CA that’s at 6 pm for one minute.  Let us all pray at the same time.

prayer-with-handsPray for America. It really is a miracle that a country like America actually exists.

A place where tyrants do not rule with impunity.  A place where people can dream and realize those dreams.   A place where people are treated with dignity.   Look around the world and ask yourself  —   where else is there such freedom? Liberty?


People come here to America — legally and illegally  —  for freedom.  And other reasons , i.e., such as  getting a job so they can send home money to family living all over the world.

We must preserve what America stands for:  freedom, liberty and that one law applies to all persons whether   Hilary Clinton or a person working in the agriculture fields of California or Florida.

For too long the Washington DC  elite have run America.  Now there is a chance for renewal.  There is a real chance that middle America will be heard.

More than any other US election in 30 years — this election matters.  An outsider  — Donald Trump — appears to have a good chance.

Through The Clinton Foundation Hilary Clinton — using her private email server — has sold access to herself should she become President.  If elected, Hilary Clinton will be the first President  ever elected who faces criminal charges.  Is this someone you really can vote for and support?

Look at your life.  How has America helped realize your dreams?   Pray that the America that offers freedom and liberty will continue.

Pray for America each day

Pray for America each day

written by Cameron Jackson.

Pray for God’s grace to continue to guide this nation.  Yes, pray.

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Cry baby, cry for your life! Hilary supports late term abortions.


Cry for your life!

Cry for your life!

Cry baby cry!  A good scream might save your life. Watch out for Hilary!

Hilary  is fine with doctor or parent taking your life  — anytime up to birth.   A fetus has no rights says Hilary. You become a baby only at  birth.  So says Hilary.

Hilary OK with abortion

Hilary OK with late term abortion

Maybe, just maybe, a piercing scream for life might save your life.

Asked about abortion during the third debate,   Hilary wants no government regulations to regulate abortion.

Isn’t that odd?  The government regulates so much.

Look what the government already regulates:  after birth a baby is required by government to  have eye drops to prevent disease.

government required

government required immunizations at birth


Government requires car seats for babies to leave hospital

Government requires car seats for babies to leave hospital

The government requires that to leave the hospital a baby must ride in a car seat  — in the back seat.

Later — the government regulates helmets for children riding bikes.

govt requires helmets

govt requires helmets

And no soda sold close to a school.  Heaven forbid!

Where is  baby’s first room?   It’s in Mommy’s womb.

But there are zero protections for baby in Mommy’s womb.

During the third debate Hilary regarding Roe vs Wade Hilary said that the government  must stay out of the decisions women make whether to abort or not to abort.

Laws can be modified.  Perhaps it’s time to modify the law so later term abortions are not legal?  What say you?

Thousands of babies are aborted each year.  Let’s do what we can to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

As a society let’s talk about where to draw the line — when is it OK to abort and when is it not OK to abort?   written by Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson 

Monerey Bay Forum

127 Jewell Street
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Donald Trump versus Hilary regarding freedom


 Will Donald Trump create more freedom for Americans and throughout the world? Or will Hilary Clinton / continuation of Obama do a better job?

Freedom  to work:

Freedom of political speech

Freedom  to practice ones religion

What say you?







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