Aptos, CA: This is a church, oops no steeple, open it up and LOTS of people? Yep. Lots of kids. www.tccsantacruz.org

Lots of kids and parents flow at Trinity Covenant Church in Aptos, CA.  Spirituality & HealingSundays 10 AM and all ages Sunday School at 9 AM.

For more info go  www.tccsantacruz.org 

remember New York City underwater? The Park Ave. breast stroke? dire predictions?

Remember the Park Avenue breast stroke?  When New York City was underwater? 

And gas over $9 a gallon? A carton of milk costs almost $13?

Remember when that happened on June 12, 2015? No? This was the wildly-inaccurate world of 2015 predicted by ABC News 11 years ago this week. Appearing on Good Morning America in 2008, Bob Woodruff hyped Earth 2100, a special that pushed apocalyptic predictions of the then-futuristic 2015.

The segment included supposedly prophetic videos, such as a teenager declaring, “It’s June 8th, 2015. One carton of milk is $12.99.” (On the actual June 8, 2015, a gallon of milk cost, on average, $3.39.) Another clip featured this prediction for 2015 “Gas reached over $9 a gallon.” (In reality, gas cost an average of $2.75 four years ago.)


Firenze Sage  jaj48@aol.com     On  a serious note. Why don’t the current soothsayers check the past predictions before  making fools of themselves.

one carrot berger please … meat grown in vats from plants?

 Here’s another one of their dumb predictions that we’re all supposed to forget about when the deadline passes without incident. Jessica Campisi, The Hill:

In 2040, most of the “meat” people eat won’t come from slaughtered animals, a new report says.

Instead of sourcing meat products from dead animals, 60 percent of meat will be either grown in vats or won’t actually be meat, but instead plant-based products that look like meat, the report from global consulting firm AT Kearney found…

The report cites challenges to find arable land due to climate change and expanding cities, as well as health risks posed to humans if they eat livestock treated with antibiotics to avoid epidemics.

Yes,  yes, because global warming. As we all know, the polar ice caps have melted and snowfall is a thing of the past. Those predictions have come to pass, and so will this one.


Firenze Sage   jaj48@aol.com  Imagine. Hamburgers from material grown in vats.   1984 is coming soon to a country near you. 

155 million people preyed upon by Democrats’ Medicare for All

Millions — 155 million people  — will lose their private medical insurance which they get via employers should Democrats pass Medicare for All.
Watch out! Wise up!
According to a new telephone poll that the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation published Tuesday morning, many of the  voters contacted  seem to think that Medicare for All would do things it wouldn’t ― or, more precisely, that it wouldn’t do things it would….

Two-thirds of Democratic voters think that people with employer coverage could hold on to their policies under Medicare for All, according to the Kaiser study, which used a nationally representative sample of more than 1,200 adults.

In reality, both the Sanders proposal and its House counterpart, from Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), would prohibit the sale of private insurance that is “duplicative” of what the new government plan would offer.

That would effectively wipe out existing employer policies. Private insurers could still offer supplemental plans, but only to pay for extras, like cosmetic surgery and premium hospital rooms, that the government plan didn’t cover.

Some general info:  Of those with insurance, most (67.2 percent) have private coverage. More than half of the population—56 percent—has employer-sponsored coverage, followed by Medicaid (19.3 percent), Medicare (17.2 percent), individual market coverage (16 percent), and military coverage (4.8 percent).


 Firenze Sage  jaj48@aol.com :   Remember Obama’s  “if you like your health plan you can keep it?”  Here we go again!!

And she Kamala Harris wants to be commander in chief (of what?)

 Kamala  Harris:    “Today I’m thinking of the fathers who can’t be with their children because they were ripped from their sons and daughters at the border. The fathers who can’t celebrate today because they can’t afford bail. The fathers who are deployed. Don’t forget them. #FathersDay


 Firenze Sage   jaj48@aol.com       Remember rough men who stand guard so others may sleep;   they  in her case  rank behind illegals and felons.

Joe Biden is Mortimer Snerd [no words of his own]

Joe Biden is Mortimer Snerd 

Joe Biden has no words of his own and takes those of others.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was called out for plagiarizing in 1987 when he used a series of phrases that closely mirrored a previous speech by British politician Neal Kinnock.

This Biden incident of plagiarizing made the online journal plagiarismtoday.com.

But Joe Biden’s most famous case of plagiarizing was back in the 1960’s in law school where it was “concluded that Mr. Biden had ”used five pages from a published law review article without quotation or attribution” and that he ought to be failed in the legal methods course for which he had submitted the 15-page paper.

Which brings us to today.

On Tuesday Joe Biden was once again accused of plagiarizing, this time in his proposed trillion dollar green new deal.

The Daily Mail reported:

Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential campaign amended his climate policy plan hours after it was released Tuesday because a handful of passages did not credit some of the sources in the proposal.

The changes come after The Daily Caller, a conservative news outlet, reported that several passages from Biden’s plan appeared to borrow from policy papers and statements written by outside groups without citation.

A Biden campaign statement says, ‘Several citations, some from sources cited in other parts of the plan, were inadvertently left out of the final version of the 22-page document.’

The added citations included passages from documents published by the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition.

Firenze Sage  jaj48@aol.com opines: 

Biden  has nothing to say of his own so he steals from others; and the press  protects him.

the cure is killing us [global warming policies deny electricity to have nots]

The cure is killing us.   You  who don’t have electricity — a sixth of the world —  can’t have electricity  because the ‘developed world’ won’t loan the money. Why?  The developed world  worries about global warming.

essay below written by  Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

“The International Energy Agency defines “access to electricity” as the ability to switch on the equivalent of a single 60-Watt light-bulb for about four hours. Even on this hardly generous definition, the IEA finds that some 1.3 billion people worldwide – a sixth of the global population – have no access to electricity.

Without power, life is poor, nasty, brutish and, above all, short. Life expectancy in regions without electricity – sub-Saharan Africa, for instance – is little better than 60 years. In the European countries, it is more like 80 years.

Yet since 2010 the World Bank, one of the plethora of unelected supranational institutions to which democratic nations are unwisely transferring great power and wealth, has refused to lend to developing countries for coal-fired electricity generation – because global warming.

From this year onward, that hideous, stony-faced, flint-hearted entity will not lend to poorer countries for extraction of coal, oil or gas either – because global warming.

In Western countries, too, the crippling cost of global-warming policies is causing real harm. Britain’s last aluminum smelter was forced to close some years ago, killed by savage real increases in the cost of electrical power for the furnace. The British Steel Corporation, the country’s last major steelworks, has just gone into bankruptcy. Again, the major reason for the collapse is the cost of electrical power, absurdly inflated not by market forces but by governmental fiat – because global warming.

Jobs in the West and lives in the South – millions of them every year – are being destroyed because affordable electricity is unavailable. More than 4 million people a year die of particulate pollution from open cooking fires because they have no electricity. Half a million women die in childbirth chiefly because there is no electrical power. These are just some of the tens of millions who die annually because they cannot so much as switch on a light.”


Global warming predictions are all based on models which are assumptions not based on evidence.

This is the world’s greatest hoax.   written by  Firenze Sage    jaj48@aol.com

CA gives illegals free medical insurance for first time anywhere & imposes a water tax to truck in water


free medical insurance fol illegals

Democrat controlled California just agreed to give some illegals free medical insurance. This is a first anywhere in the  USA. Read what Dan Walters writes 6/15/2019 in the Santa Cruz Sentinel in California.

Democrats re-impose the Individual Mandate — which the courts found illegal — and call it a ‘fee’.

Remember Obama’s Individual Mandate?    The Robert’s court decided  ObamaCare  was legal because the Individual Mandate was a ‘tax’ which the government could impose.  Later such a ‘tax’ has been found illegal.

So CA politicians take what has been said by the courts to be illegal  — i.e.,, the Individual Mandate — and call it a ‘fee’ and impose it on citizens to pay for illegals to have free medical care.

This is  how CA — with a multi-billion dollar surplus will pay for illegals to have medical insurance. Very twisted thinking.

There’s no  explanation  why this group of  illegals  (age 18-25 or so) should get free medical insurance.  These illegals are not older or disabled.

And to add further insult to injury (my view) the Democrats now charge for water.  CA now has a Water Tax.    Why?   There are some communities in CA  with bad water and hence  water is trucked in to them. The Newson Democrat socialist politicians  in Sacramento have now  imposed  a ‘carbon tax’ because it takes fossil fuels (gas)  to truck in that water. If that bothers them so much   how about using an electric car to truck in bottled water?   ‘

Re-impose  the illegal Individual Mandate to give illegals free health insurance.  Illegals should not get free health insurance as a prize for jumping in front of persons legally requesting to enter.    And imposing a Water Tax because it takes fossil fuels to truck the water to a few communities is ……

The Democrats believe they can do anything and get away with it here in CA.  It’s time for working folk to wake up and speak up and change one Party rule in CA.

When enough is enough — what;s there to do?   Petition the government.

written by Cameron Jackson     jaj48@aol.com

Freedoms — how are they doing? USA (Kellyanne Conway) & world wide (Hong Kong)

Freedoms –  how free is political speech here  in USA and around the world?

Let’s compare Trump’s counselor  Kellyanne Conway who   today 6/13/19  has been admonished by a USA  government agency  for engaging in  political speech, i.e., violation of the Hatch Act.

Let’s compare  Conway’s  political speech    with  other places such as Hong Kong  which today  pushes ahead on legislation that any resident or foreigner who says something the government does not like  can be sent to mainland China for trail.

Left leaning newspapers,  including  the  New York Times and Washington Post,  urge that Trump  fire his top  counselor  Kellyanne   Conway   because she made  political  comments about Democrat contenders.  Only Trump can fire Conway.  Civil servants are not supposed to engage in what the Hatch Act refers to as  perncious politics.Does this pass the ‘sniff test’?  Hardly.

The U.S. Constitution recognizes a number of inalienable human rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to a fair trial by jury.

What about freedom of speech & assembly in other places?    Hong Kong –  Now here’s something that  smells bad:   Hong Kong Lawmakers  currently push legislation  that allows extradition  to mainland China. This puts legal independence of Hong Kong   residents and foreigners alike in jeopardy. Anyone can be hauled off to mainland China for what they say in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong  proposed law threatens freedom of speech and  freedom of gatherings.  Thousands of protesters have gathered to protest.   As one protester said,  ‘ Say something the government does not like and they’ll take the person back to China for an unfair trail and prospect of torture.’  Only the government has the guns in Hong Kong.   Protesters hold umbrellas to ward off tear gas.

Kellyanne Conway acts as a counselor to Trump.  It is expectable that she will make comments about the Democrat contenders.

Why do  so many newspapers  including the New York Times  and Washington Post   — supposed defenders of freedoms — throw in with the Democrat lingo without taking a hard look at it?   Let’s directly ask the editors of those ‘defenders of freedom’ what they are  up to.

Start by asking Dean P. Baguet, current top editor at the New York Times.  Why does the New York Times support the Democrat line of thinking in such a tunnel visioned manner?  Let’s ask top Editors directly our questions.







illegal migrants coming to your town? Democrats do nothing as illegals flood border

Are illegal migrants coming to your town?  How about Sanctuary Cities of San Francisco, Santa Cruz and San Jose?

The Democrat controlled congress lead by Nancy Pelosi has done nothing as the southern border has been overwhelmed with illegal migrants.

One million illegal migrants flooded the USA southern border in 2018.  In May 2019 over 144,000 illegal migrants crossed into the USA.  They have to eat and sleep.  Where are they?  Where do the go?

Illegal migrants  don’t ‘escape into the shadows’ as our politicians are wont to say.  The children of illegals  are educated in our schools.  Their babies are registered as US citizens and have access to social services, low cost housing and inexpensive food.   Our faith organizations and social service entities are feeding and clothing them.

In the past illegals have overwhelmingly been young males.  Lately they are families with children — some theirs and some faking that the children are  theirs –as it’s easier to get caught and released into the interior of the USA.

What about  jobs: We know that ones from central america are sending record levels of money back home.  So — illegal migrants do get jobs.

 Most illegals settle in  large U.S. cities such as New York, Houston, Los Angeles.    Roughly 2 in 3 illegals migrants use some welfare programs.

Trump’s decision to use tariffs  as a political weapon  to get Mexico to act has worked.   For now.

Our ‘do nothing’ Democrat controlled congress spends its time going after Trump’s financial records in hopes of destroying him.