Want lower premiums, more choice & freedom from Obama-Care rules? Trump’s proposed rule lets individuals & small businesses freedom from ACA

Trump's health care reform
Trump’s proposed health care rule offers relief from high premiums and freedom to choose

Whew!  Trump offers relief from Obama-Care’s many requirements   and high premiums.   Trump’s health care proposal  [The Wall Street Journal, Friday, Jan 5, 2018] offers  millions of self-employed and small businesses freedom to purchase  health insurance plans that don’t comply with Obama’s  Affordable Care Act.

Time to speak up and say what you think.  The new rule will be published Friday in the Federal Register and undergo a 60 day comment period.

The Trump administration also plans to release a proposal to pave the way for more short-term health policies with fewer benefits.

The proposal was praised by the National Restaurant Association and the National Retail Association as a way for small  businesses to have the same bargaining power as large companies, leveling the playing field.  Self-employed people who don’t get subsidies also heralded the proposed changes in rules.


Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson:  Getting rid of the requirement that all Americans must purchase health insurance — which is part of the recent legislation that reduces taxes for 80% of Americans — that was a huge step towards more choice.  This proposal means that mom’s working from home as sole proprietors can get health care for themselves and their  family. Whew. 

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