Racist Yale plays race card in favor or Blacks over Asians or whites in admissions

Racist Yale?   Yep.   “Yale rejects scores of Asian Americans and white applicants each year based on their particular race, when it otherwise would admit” the Justice Department said.

Yale discriminates based on race and national origin in violation of federal civil rights law.   Race was the “determinative factor” in hundreds of admission decisions each year.  For more,  CLICK HERE.

Firenze Sage: the flying monk

flying monk

Flying monks say, You can’t sit with us.

you can't sit with us

Two Pakistani monks refuse to sit on plane next to  a woman.   Therefore,  the airline moves the woman.

 A Southern California woman said she is the victim of discrimination, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Mary Campos said her pre-booked ticket was given away by United Airlines.

United gives the  woman a new boarding pass

The reason? She’s a woman, and two men didn’t want to sit next to a female.

A million-mile flier, Campos, a mom who lives in Coto de Caza, said she thought she’d seen it all – until a gate agent handed her a new boarding pass just before she got on a flight to Houston last Monday.

“He said, ‘This is your new seat,’” Campos said, “and I said, ‘Excuse me?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this.’”

She said she continued by saying, “Yes?”

And the agent told her, “The two gentlemen seated next to you have cultural beliefs that prevent them for sitting next to, talking to or communicating with females.”

A company spokesperson wrote to CBS Los Angeles, in part: “We regret that Ms. Campos was unhappy with the handling of the seat assignments on her flight. United holds our employees to the highest standards of professionalism and has zero tolerance for discrimination.”

Campos was told the men were Pakistani monks who were wearing long orange shirts. She said the female flight crew was not allowed to serve the men.

Los Angeles Woman Says Airline Made Her Move Because Two Pakistani Monks Can’t Sit Next To Female from news


Firenze Sage:  Don’t dare say a prayer in public or go to a mens’ only restaurant.

Olympic Club San Francisco
Olympic Club San Francisco for men only 


New Orleans latest flood headline”I am drowning in–memos”

I'm drowning ...
I’m drowning …

drowning ...
drowning … drowning in Obama’s 16 page memo


New Orleans latest flood headline”I am drowning — in memos”

drowning in memos
drowning in memos by Obama



Obama  had to be shamed into visiting flooded areas of the state.  That shaming  hasn’t stopped the president from lecturing Louisiana officials about not discriminating when handing out disaster relief.

Washington Times:

In a 16-page guidance issued Tuesday, the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance.  Justice warned Louisiana against  “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).”

The guidance’s frameworks “highlight the importance of complying with nondiscrimination requirements of civil rights statutes, addressing the needs of the whole community, and ensuring equal opportunity to access recovery efforts.”

People can’t get potable water or food or medicine in Louisianna.   But by the gods, officials in Louisiana  will have to comply with a 16-page “Guidance”.  If they do not comply, officials  face the wrath of Obama.

The  Obama administration guidance cited instances of discrimination in Gulf Coast states after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005,  An instance of supposed discrimination states “numerous media reports [that] showed images of African Americans stranded on roofs in New Orleans.”

The rescuers who are being cited by the memo who failed to get black people off their roofs during Katrina were a tad busy at that time – rescuing people from drowning.




Firenze Sage:  Pilot to copilot,”Let the limited English proficiency one — drown.” Roger that.    

To read Obama’s  sixteen page memo — see https://  below