Trump funny? Pelosi out of it? America more free in 2018? You decide

Freedoms Americans experience as of March, 2018

Trump funny? Pelosi out of it? America more free in 2018? You decide.

Where are American freedoms in 2018?
Thump  was supposed  be history by summer 2017.
The  Clinton/ Steele dossier, which   was used to get a FICA  warrant to spy on Trymp, continues to  unravel  as 2018 progresses.

Some of the freedoms  Americans experience as of March, 2018 include:

A ‘funny’ President who pokes fun at himself and ridicules his opponents.  Trump provides  better entertainment than Late Night TV. Catch Trunp’s rendition of how to be Presidential.
The tax cuts were heralded as ‘crumbs’ by Pelosi and the Democrats.   The 2018 Tax cut from 35% ti 21%  for large corporations means much more freedom for them  compete throughout the world.
  • Companies and corporations are  free to give employees  raises and bonuses.
  • And freeom  to hire — 300,000 in Feb 2018.
  • Freedoms which encourage more to participate in the work force.
  • Freedom to spend more personal income as less is taken away by federal government— for 80% othe f Americans.
How about freedom to think other thoughts?
Freedom to believe America is exceptional and  to  take back  to control our borders.
Freedom to leave CA which now has the lowest s quality of life in USA.
Freedom for US Steel to hire back 500 workers.  More coal workers are needed in the coal mines to produce electricity to make steel.
None of this would have happened  with Hilary and the Clinton Foundation in the White House and shaping economic polities.
Who lurks in the background?   Obama and  Michelle?
written by Cameron Jackson 3/12/18

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