Ph.D. in idiocy: “slavery is a white people…thing”



“Slavery is white people…thing” tweets Boston University Saida Grundy,  Assistant Professor of sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University.

Grundy shows stunning ignorance of slavery both past and present in various cultures.  Where was this professor educated?  How was she vetted?

Grundy didn’t stop there.  She asks: “is white people’s new deflection from dealing with slavery that ‘all races have had slaves’ thing? is this the new ‘#AllLivesMatter’?”

Professor Grundy added other enlightening tweets:

“for the record, NO race outside of Europeans had a system that made slavery a *personhood* instead of temporary condition;


blacks keep blacks as slaves in Africa today
Today – blacks keep young male blacks as slaves 

“there is also no race except Europeans who kidnapped and transported human beings in order to enslave them and their offspring for life;

“before Europeans invented it as such, slavery was not a condition that was de facto inherited from parent to child.”


Firenze Sage:   Somewhere in the dusk of history she may find Greek slaves

Greek slave women had short hair
Greek slave women had to have  short hair

or Roman slaves

slavery in Rome
slaves In Roman times 

or Egyptian slaves or even, horror of horrors, African slaves, a word derived from Slavs in the Middle Ages.

modern slavery of Blacks
modern slavery of Blacks by ISIS today