Oh???? OK to beat wife when Islamic wife ‘unruly’ says Islamic community in Munich

  left hook or right cross?

The Islamic community in Munich issued guidelines on its website that encourage men to assault their wives or female partners if they are “unruly.”

The Bavarian Broadcasting 24 outlet published the shocking report on Saturday, writing, “In the case of a marriage in great difficulty or when the partner is ‘unruly,’ the Islamic Center Munich [IZM] invokes the Koran. Accordingly, the husband should comply with three steps: First, reprimand. Second, separation in the marriage bed. And third, beating.”

Visitors of IZM’s website have been informed about the permissible beating of women for 15 years, according to the Bavarian Broadcasting 24 journalists Sabina Wolf and Joseph Röhmel, who first reported the story.


Firenze Sage   JAJ48@aol.com   The holy Koran strikes again.

Geeze! Quote the Quaran and go to jail? It’s “blasphemy”

 blasphemy-laws Blasphemy. Ah, what’s that?  Quote the Quaran and go to jail?   It may be 5 years  jail time for   Christian politician Ahok in  Indonesia,  which is 90% Muslim.

 If sharia law becomes acceptable in the USA — could USA citizens be charged with blasphemy?     Geeze!

What did Ahok  do?  Ahok, a Christian,  quoted the Quaran in public.  That’d  be OK if  he was Muslim — but he is a Christian. All non-believers are “kafirs”  includiig Ahok. Everyone except Muslims are un-believers.

Recently,  Ahok was on the cover of Forbes in Indonesia.  He could be in for trouble big time.   ahok-on-forbes

So what’s “blasphemy’? For Islamics in Indonesia,   “blasphemy”  is   profane talk.  Irreverence.   Which includes  the actions of a  nonbeliever or “kafir”   quoting the Quaran.

In Indonesia, the maximum punishment for ‘blasphemy’ is five years imprisonment.