Firenze Sage—Hold the anchovies and the bullets [pizza deliveryman shot back]

pizza deliveryman  shot back at suspects

A St. Louis pizza deliveryman shot back and killed a robbery suspect after that suspect began shooting deliveryman’s vehicle.

The driver worked for Imos Pizza.

According to Fox 2 Now, police were called to a shooting on “the 4600 block of Spring at around 11:30 pm” Thursday night. They arrived to find a 41-year-old deliveryman had come under attack by two suspects while delivering pizzas. That attack including being pistol whipped and taking fire from one of the suspected robbers.

The deliveryman returned fire, causing one of the suspects to flee the scene. The body of the second suspect, 17-year-old Lavon Courtney Jr., was discovered near Spring and Taft Avenues.


Firenze Sage:  All hail the pistol packing Pizza man!


cocaine, pizza, hold the ham? Islamic men attack couple over ham

  cocaine, pizza, hold the ham?


cocaine, pizza, hold the ham?

Two men after offering cocaine  attacked a young couple for eating a pizza –topped with ham.

 The two men  have been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Youness Boussaid and Fatah cBouzid, both 27, launched a brutal attack on the couple.   They first warned the couple that  they would “go to hell” because the pizza they were eating contained ham.

The young couple  left Le Mix Bar, a nightclub in Cambrésis, France, where they had spent the evening.  They ordered pizza from a nearby food vendor.

They were approached by Boussaid and Bouzid soon after, who offered the young couple cocaine.

Noticing ham on the pizza, the two Arabs told the pair they would “go to hell” for eating it. Islam forbids the consumption of meat from pigs.

Seeking to humiliate the woman, the assailants caressed her blonde hair and forced fingers into her nose.  These unwanted actions   caused her to fall and lose consciousness. When her companion tried to protect her, the two Arabs began to beat the young man before security staff from Le Mix Bar intervened.

Firenze Sage:  Did Muhammad  snort coke?

did Muhammad snort cocaine?

did Muhammad snort cocaine?



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