Vermont Town: Mr Mayor YOU ARE FIRED!

Rutland-VT-WNHow many Syrian refugees are OK  for a Vermont town?

Former Rutland Mayor Chris Louras lost his bid for reelection on Tuesday, in what was described as a referendum on Syrian refugees. Louras, who had been a major proponent of resettling Syrian refugees in Rutland, lost to David Allaire, a “leading critic” of Louras’ plan.  Louras had served as mayor for the past 10 years.

Back in 2015, Louras announced that he hoped to bring 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to Rutland, which has a population of about 16,500 (making it Vermont’s third-largest city).

Louras’ plan was controversial as he did not consult with other city officials before contacting refugee resettlement agencies.

President Donald Trump’s executive orders cracking down on immigration from Syria and other Muslim countries scuttled the town’s original   plan to re-settle 100 families.  Only two Syrian families made it to Rutland, Vermont.


Firenze Sage:   The people’s republic of Vermont can’t even handle the input.


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