What to do if CA becomes a sanctuary state?

borders because it is our countryIf California becomes a sanctuary state —  what can  state citizens do?   sanctuary city of santa ana

How about changing the immunity laws?

Listen to ‘Boring Jeff’ on KSCO 1080 Saturday Special (May 13, 2017) concerning sanctuary cities.

State of California  now actively fights the U.S. federal government concerning on-the-books  federal  immigration laws. States do not set immigration policy and states do not defend a country’s borders.  Is this revolution by one state against the union of states?

Illegals welcome to stay:  CA Gov. Brown’s budget has $15 – 30 million to assist illegal persons (who enter illegally, overstay their visa)  to remain in California.

Legal assistance to fight federal government paid for by CA taxpayers:   Gov. Brown extended the contract with former Attorney General Eric Holder.  This contract  costs CA taxpayers $25 K a month.

What Eric Holder does may well help keep San Salvador’s M13 bad dudes here in California. President Trump campaigned to make USA borders secure and to deport bad criminals.

sanctuary state bad criminals

What to do?   Let’s change the immunity  laws so that individuals harmed by CA state  and cities   — remember Kate Steinle  murdered in San Francisco by an illegal—  can get damages.

Yes,  it is possible to change laws related to the immunity of government against suits.  Louisiana passed laws changing immunity related to road hazards.  Then let’s start there:   Illegals who drive on CA roads are a safety hazard.


Monterey Bay Forum:  Sue the state government?  Sue sanctuary city  of Santa Cruz  and Watsonville?    Yes – if the government does not protect the citizens from substantial harm due to illegals who either enter illegally or overstay their visa.    What say you?


don’t hold your breath – Eric Holder paid $25 K by CA

Eric Holder paid $25 K a month by CA

Eric Holder paid $25 K a month by CA

Don’t hold your breath – Eric Holder gets $25 K a month paid by CA taxpayers – and he’s not  going away soon.

Remember Eric Holder, Attorney General under Obama who was the first attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress.

Holder in 2014 told state attorney generals that they did not have to enforce laws they disagreed with.


Eric Holder paid $25 K by CA and not leaving soon

Eric Holder paid $25 K by CA and not leaving soon

Is that why  Eric Holder has come to CA?  To help CA so they don’t enforce federal laws?

The LA Times is worried that CA might botch how it manages its  Sanctuary State stance.  Gotta walk a fine line says the LA Times.


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