Green waste stays as your waste unless you ….

Green waste remains   on your property as your waste unless you …. follow the rules. The Santa Cruz County company,   Greenwaste Recovery Inc,   says:  You must put your “green” yard debris   into GREEN bio-degradable bags — not plastic bags  — and those green  biodegradable bags  must weigh less than 50 pounds.   Those are the garbage company’s  rules.  For a mere $4.00 per bag Greenwaste  will take plastic bags as “garbage”.  Does the garbage company supply the appropriate bags? No – you buy them.  Ace Hardware in the Rancho del Mar shopping center in  Aptos carries 5 bags for $3.49 that hold 30 gallon and are for composting.  These  are heavy duty paper bags.  Looking on the internet for bio-degradable bags …..  Where does Santa Cruz county green waste go?  Elsewhere!      written by Cameron Jackson


yard waste woes – truck from Santa Cruz to Monterey County?


yard waste — how far should it travel?

Wonder where your yard waste goes?

yard waste to travel to Monterey County — wonder why ?

Santa Cruz County plans to export  yard  waste  to Monterey County.  Wonder why?

“Willful waste makes woeful want” — 1556.    Curious what others do with their waste?   You can see exactly where your waste goes in Seattle,  Washington.

Becky Steinweiner writes:

“Does it make sense to you that 100% of the County’s 43,000 tons of yard waste be trucked to Monterey County, perhaps to San Lucas?  Does it make sense to you that NONE of that material would most likely return to Santa Cruz County?  Why would Public Works want to recommend the Board of Supervisors approve a contract that would multiply the carbon footprint of the composting program, and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions with all that trucking and remove a viable operation and jobs from Santa Cruz County?  Please write and call the Board of Supervisors and insist all yard waste recycling/composting stay in Santa Cruz County at the Buena Vista site and to give the contract to Vision Recycling:  454-2200″

Think it’s best to keep our yard waste local?  People to contact include:

compiled by Cameron Jackson, Monterey Bay Forum



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