Do American kids want to wait on tables at seasonal resorts? 300,000 foreigners do!

In 2016, 300,000 foreigners  received J-I visas to work or study in the USA.

In the WSJ Oct. 5,  Herb Segal, USA (retired) raised the question, “Are these foreigners replacing native workers at lower pay?”

These 300,000 foreigners can  wait on tables, manage reception desks and perform housekeeping and  custodial tasks at seasonal resorts.

“Are there no native kids looking for work experience to fill those programs?” asks Herb Segal.

Underlying this issue is what Congress will do — if anything —  concerning  comprehensive immigration reform.

Today, Senator Corker  publicly stated that all or most  Republicans oppose the Trump agenda.  What say you,  is this  ‘insiders’ opposed to ‘outsider Trump’?


written  by Cameron Jackson


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