Aptos psychologist: Dog therapy does wonders. No overflowing refrigerator! Dogs can reduce blood pressure. Help socialize children. www.freedomOK.net/wordpress

I recently saw a post on Twitter about a family raising $13, 000 to buy a particular kind of therapy dog. They believe that a therapy dog, trained by a particular organization, will enhance the life of their child who has autism.

Yes, dogs provide wonderful therapy for people includng children who have an autistic spectrum disorder. But $13 K is a steep price to pay.

Are there other ways to get a dog which can increase the social and communication skills of your child? Yes!

There are rescue organizations for many kinds of breeds. In the economic downturn, more pets are dropped off at the local pound. Most communities have good resources for training dogs.

One decent rescue dog or pound dog plus lots of appropriate training can probably produce a dog that meet your child’s needs.

One organization that does provide therapy dogs is: 4 Paws Dog


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