No mermaids allowed [in community pool]

No mermaids allowed wearing a silicon mermaid tail says leaders of a subdivision outside Tampa, Florida. A woman has been banned from swimming in her community’s pool because she wants to wear a blue, silicone mermaid tail.

Jenna Conti lives in a subdivision east of downtown Tampa, Florida. She has been in the community pool with her custom-made tail once before with the staff’s okay.

Conti, who calls herself Eden Sirene while in the water, has a custom-made silicon mermaid tail.

But last week, the community leaders told her it violated a policy against swim fins. On Monday night, the FishHawk Community Development board voted to keep her out of the pool because of the swim fin.
Hans Christianson Anderson  The Little Mermaid

Firenze Sage: Talk about a stuffy bunch of fogies. Next week they’ll ban unicorns, just wait and see.

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