Firenze Sage: We all carry around racial prejudice unaware … ??

Unaware racism is what we all carry around says one law prof

We all carry around racial prejudice unaware …?

UC-Berkeley Law Professor Jonathan Simon reacted to the Zimmerman verdict.  He declared that the jury suffered from racial prejudice, even if they might not be aware of it:
This is what the law professor said:  “Imagine that Trayvon was a 17 year old female, a 54 year old white male, or even a 17 year old white male. In all of those cases the prosecutors would have had an easier job convincing the jury that Zimmerman acted recklessly in firing his gun…
In convincing the jury that George Zimmerman was reasonable in fearing for his life, the defense had a wind at its back that would not have been there had Trayvon been female or white.”
Firenze Sage, Esq.:  Let’s hope 17 year old girls of whatever race don’t punch people in the nose and bash their heads on the ground.

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