NAACP gives then takes away support for Sessions as AG

tim-scott-south-carolinaThe NAACP gave Jeff Sessions an award in 2009.  In an about face, the NAACP opposed Jeff  Sessions for Attorney General.  Why the turn about?

Of note,  for many years the NAACP supports the teacher unions and is opposed to vouchers for black children.

Why would an organization  such as the NAACP — long known as as advocate for blacks — oppose education  choice for black parents?

In picture above/ to left:  Tom Scott, a  Black  Republican Senator from  South Carolina, supports Jeff Sessions for AG.

Sessions was  recently confirmed by the Senate as attorney general.

Senator Lindsey Graham who spoke in Sessions behalf, showed  the award which the  NAACP gave Jeff Sessions in 2009.

The NAACP which  opposed Sessions for attorney general has opposed vouchers for black children.





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