Remember — Seattle’s Nakamura U.S. Courthouse named for 20 year old Japanese-American hero

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Remember — Seattle’s besieged federal courthouse is named after a young, 20 year old Japanese-American soldier and hero  named Nakamura.

This young soldier in 1942, shortly  after he and his family were interned, joined the Army’s famous 442 Regimental Combat Team  and  two years later  saved his platoon by destroying the enemy’s machine gun nest and covering the  withdrawal of his platoon.   In 1944, Nakamura  lost his life to save fellow  American lives.

Nakamura  was the first Army volunteer from Minidoka Relocation Center (an internment camp) to be killed in action.  In 2000, President Clinton presented  22 war heroes with Medals of Honor;  these soldiers   had been denied Medals of Honor at the time on account of their Asian ancestry.

Aptos Psychologist:  Asian lives matter.  All lives matter.


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