Labor Day Spanish Gaspacho Soup — cold, quick and flexible

Spanish Gaspacho Soup  made in roughly  15 minutes and then pop it for  1/2 hour in your freezer.  Easy, fun and flexible. Great for a hot Labor Day.

Assemble the ingredients — so not forget something !!

Just think  SALAD  without the lettuce.

Ingredients:    The seasonings are   red vinegar and good olive oil with salt and pepper and some fresh  garlic and red  onion (or scallions)   that does not overwhelm the soup. You don’t want the onion and garlic to take over.

stock:   tomatoes, chicken stock (one cup). You can use fresh Roma tomatoes.  The box seen in picture is fast   and just as good.   You can use canned tomatoes.

spices:  red vinegar  (nothing fancy)   good tasting olive oil, (one to one ratio — roughly  1/4 cup each)    salt and   plenty of ground black pepper, red onion (or other), fresh garlic (one  clove maybe two)

vegetables: 1/2 English (or other)  cucumber,  1/4 or less red pepper and green pepper.  Use what’s in your refrig.

thickener:   either handful of bread crumbs or one slice ‘good French type bread with milk and squeeze it out.  Squeze lightly.

Use a fast chopper machine.  Put in the 3  vegetables in  first (cucumber and bell peppers,  I use both red and green.   Chop!     Next add the fresh garlic  (1-2 cloves) (easy does it) and red onion (easy does it).  You can always add a bit more at end. Can’t take it out!   Next add the tomato from box and some chicken stock (about a Cup).  Then — add the red wine and olive oil to season …. one to one…. about 1/4 cup of each.  Add plenty of black pepper and a bit of salt.   To “thicken” it, add either some bread crumbs equivalent to roughly one slice of thick bread.   Not too much.

Pour the soup into a large plastic bag and stick in the freezer.  It will be cold in about half an hour  — especially if put some ice around the bag.   Enjoy!

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