Aptos Church Info What’s Happening?

  1.  So what’s happening through Aptos, CA churches?

Faith Building Event  —


Christ Heals Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow!

October 13 & 14, 2017

 7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA

Resurrection Catholic Community 

Experience healing through  prayer,  song, laughter, sharing and listening.  All are Welcome!  Can you come?

Please — You must  SIGN UP ahead of time — via email  or phone — DrCameronJackson@gmail.com

 This info has been widely  publicized on the internet  since August 1, 2017.  Four equal partners ( OSL chapters)  have participated.

What is the International  Order of St. Luke? In the words of Rev. Hugh Bromiley:

“Welcome to OSL.  We are a collection of individual believers who come together to learn more of the healing love and power of the Lord Jesus and to let it be known that Jesus Christ heals.  We believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and that healing in his name is still available for us to receive, and to share with the people God puts in our path….

“We raise up groups, or chapters, of healing teams and develop centers of healing.  We offer healing conferences and provide opportunities for growth in understanding, knowledge and faith in God’s healing love and power…..

“We work together in an ecumenical, inter-denominational spirit.   People come to OSL from many nations to learn how Jesus sets captives free from sickness, opression and despair.  The dream is to see transformed people, make whole their families, churches, cities and nations.

“God bless you as you journey on this wonderful healing adventure.  In the name of Jesus Christ, The Rev. Hugh Bromiley,   National Director OSL


FRIDAY Oct. 13 —  3:00 pm  — Hospitality for Travelers from Afar

    If  you are coming from afar,  please contact Cameron Jackson you  if need information  regarding housing or other issues.

Come early!    Get here when there is plenty of light & enjoy a bit of Aptos enviorns.

   4:00 pm    Doors Open  —  Live Music   —

         Pick up Information  Know What’s Happening & Rest and Relax

    5:00: 6:00 pm     Share Hospitality —   please bring food to share in Community Hall.  One large ham and beans donated to date!

    6:00 pm    Experience   Soaking Prayer music —

    7:00  pm   Program


 8;00 -9:00  —  Enjoy  Pancake & Sausage breakfast — hosted by Boy Scouts #609

8:45 —   Soaking Prayer music  —

12 noon — 1 pm   Live Music  and  Lunch available  in  Community Hall.  Opportunity at table to witness concerning  Healings & Miracles

                 Come get acquainted with others!  If you want to walk around Aptos there’s info where to go to get

                  a bite to eat, see a beautiful Hidden Garden and more …

9 am  – 4 pm   Program information forthcoming.

More Information  

YouTube:   7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos




Order of St. Luke Chapters hosting Healing Event – Aptos CA 2017

St. John the Baptist Chapter,   125 Canterbury Drive, Aptos  – andreaseitz@comcast.net  

St. Mary’s by the Sea Chapter,   146 Central Avenue,  Pacific Grove – annettefoisie@sbcglobal.net 

Salinas Chapter,   98 Kip Drive, Salinas – pfwaromas@razzolink.com

Soquel Drive Chapter, 7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos  –  DrCameronJackson@gmail.com


More complete  information  as we get closer to October 13 & 14, 2017


Aptos CA Handbell Choir training starts Tues. Jan. 31 at 2 PM

Aptos CA Handbell Choir training starts Tues. Jan. 31 at 2 PM

Bells of Joy hand bells

starts again Sept. 5, 2017

at 2:15 pm at  Aptos United Methodist 

Join a new ecumenical handbell choir in Aptos area.  We will train you! Ability to read  music  helpful but not necessary.

  Contacts:  Eileen Mihm 831 688 9718  emihm2626@att.net or  831 688-2210 or apt2210@att.net


 St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Aptos.  Address:  125 Cantebury Drive.

Late PM Prayers at St. John’s:  You can’t pour from an empty cup!   Take care for yourself first.

St. John’s Late PM Prayers:    Come  Monday ,  Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 5.00 pm .    Use the back door to Cafe for entrance.  Each Evening Prayer service  is somewhat different.   Tuesdays at 7:00 pm for Compline prayer service.

 Bring your prayer intentions  & contribute!

Country Cowboy Church Fridays at 7 PM

Country Cowboy Church Fridays at 7 PM

Friday nights:  Cowboy Church, 7 pm with pot luck afterwards.  Cowboy Church is held  at Christ Lutheran Church in Aptos.

10707 Soquel Drive.  Go all the way to the end of Soquel Drive, past the CHP office and the Aptos Community Garden. Go up the driveway to Christ Lutheran for Country Cowboy Church on Fridays at 7 pm:


Need  a hot shower?  Come Sat. 10 – 2 pm,  St. John’s Episcopal, 125 Cantebury Drive.

Seek classical education for your children?  Trinity Covenant’s school  St. Abraham’s Classical Christian Academy educates children from 18 different churches.


Need a hot meal?   Go Sat.  12 noon,Resurrection Catholic.

 Overwhelmed with chronic illness issues?  Call  St. Andrew’s Presbyterian,  (831)  688-4211

Want a place to grow your own organic food? Get a garden plot at Aptos Community Garden,  provided as Outreach by Christ Lutheran Church

Interested in world wide issues? Want to improve sanitation? Christ Lutheran  together with other churches provide  clean water and latrines   in El Salvador.

 So, what are Christ’s hands doing at your church?  Tell us and we will post it on this page/ article. Send information to:  DrCameronJackson@gmail.com    Call  (831)688-6002 and leave message.

Where to  go to be refreshed and hear the Word of God spoken?  Times and locations listed below:

Happening at Aptos churches?

Happening at Aptos churches?

Aptos Community United Methodist Church,   9:30 Classic Service, 10:30 Coffee and Fellowship, 11:00 Contemporary  Service,  Thunderbird Dr., Aptos, 831 688-2210  http://www.aptosumc.org/

Christ Lutheran Church:  Sunday 10 am Service, 10707 Soquel Drive, Aptos  (831) 688-5727   http://www.aptoschurch.org/ 

First Baptist Church: Sunday 9:45 am Bible Study, 11 am Worship. 7565 Sunset Way, Aptos (behind Wells Fargo bank) 831 688-5842.

Resurrection Catholic Community:  Services on  Saturday 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:15 am, 6:00 pm, 7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos (831)  688-4300     http://resurrection-aptos.org/

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church,  Sunday 9:00 am Adult Education, 10:30 am Worship, 9850 Monroe Ave., Aptos  831  688-4211     http://www.aptospresbyterianchurch.org/

Trinity Covenant Church, Sunday Worship, 9:30 am, 1940 Bonita Drive, Aptos  http://www.tccsantacruz.org/    Wednesdays  6 pm  Dinner  &  Bible Study 6:45 pm,  email: tccsantacruz@gmail.com    Hope is the church’s  secretary.  Outreach:  St. Abraham Classical Christian Academy (831) 239-4657 brings Christians together from 18 different churches.

The Coastlands  Aptos Foursquare Church, Sunday Services  9  & 11 am,   280 State Park Drive, Aptos  831 688-5775       http://www.coastlands.org/

The Episcopal Church of St. John:   Sunday  Service 10 am,   125 Canterbury Drive, Aptos  (831) 707-2278      Evening Prayer 5:30- 6:00 Mon., Thurs., Fri.           http://www.st-john-aptos.org/

Twin Lakes Church, 2701 Cabrillo College Drive, Services on Saturday 6 pm, Sunday 9 & 10:45 am, 2016 Twin Lakes Church  (831) 465-3300    http://www.tlc.org/

Saint Josephs Catholic Church, 435 Monterey Avenue, Capitola, CA 95010, 831 475-8211

 Shore Life Community Church, 875 Monterey Avenue, Capitola, CA 95010  (831) 462-7490

Let’s  invite all people to participate in  churches — the way they want to. Some people  go to one church for the Sunday AM  service and  may also attend  other churches for various reasons.

 Who is the contact person at your church for letting  people know what’s happening?

 Send your material and it will be re-published here.

How do  you connect with  people who are tourists,  visitors or looking for a new church?

Does your church want to reach out to those who have never heard the Word of Christ?

  Does this help?     Send comments & suggestions to  Dr. Cameron Jackson   drcameronjackson@gmail.com or 831 688-6002.



written by licensed Psychologist Dr. Cameron Jackson  PSY 14762

Monerey Bay Forum

127 Jewell Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
United States (US)
Phone: 831 688 6002
Fax: 831 688 7717
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