Rep. Tlaib frees one sheep from slaughter — unwittingly

One sheep  happy.  Free from slaughter.   One grandmother — U.S. Rep. Tlaib’s grandmother  —  unhappy.

Unwittingly  USA  Rep. Tlaib saved the  life of  one  sheep from slaughter by her  Palestinian  grandmother  by first accepting and then  turning down Israel’s  invitation to enter the  country to  visit grandmother.

Tlaib, Muslim by faith, seeks a one state solution to the Israel / Palestine issue.    Currently there’s a defacto three  state solution.

Would  a one state solution,   which Tlaib seeks,  overwhelm Israel akin to a lamb lead to slaughter?  Given the numbers, yes.

Where were – and where are — all the Arabs and Muslims who could have ‘taken in’ other Muslim refugees then and now?   Arabs and Muslims then and now are not known to ‘take in the stranger’.  What say you?

Latest word:  grandmother says that the lamb was actually slaughtered. So who ate the lamb?

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Will Pay for Play clients demand money back from Clintons?

pay-for-playPay for Play leaves lots of middle eastern countries high and dry.

Countries and clients who paid $350 MILLION to The Clinton Foundation clearly expected pay back.  So, now that Hilary has lost — will some of the players demand their money back?

When the Clintons left the White House Hilary took furniture (which she later returned) and she claimed that she and Bill were broke.

Now that Hilary lost the 2016 election, what will they do   — all those “donors” who expected  “favors” from a Hilary Clinton administration? Can those “donors” re-claim their money since Hilary cannot deliver favors?