San Francisco sanctuary city verdict, no Democrats support tax reform & Flynn found guilty of lies … Consequences?

Day of reckoning for sanctuary cities,  tax reform and General Flynn’s lies to the F.B.I.? 

Sanctuary Cities:  With San Francisco’s  not guilty verdict for Kate Steinle’s shooter  — an illegal alien felon who was  deported five times  to Mexico — San Francisco’s sanctuary city laws continue to protect illegals from federal immigration,   I.C.E.  And the consequences likely to be?    Probably more public outcry to protect the safety of U.S. citizens and more  support to build a Wall.

Tax cuts for the middle class:   No Democrats — House or Senate —  support tax cuts for the middle class in 2017.  Wow!  What a change from the last time tax cuts were on the table.  The last time — 16 years ago —  there was major tax reform only 31 Democrats voted against  tax cuts in the Senate and in the House 28 Democrats supported the bill including California.  And what might be the long term  consequences for this epic  policy and political blunder  by  the Democrat Party?  When the average voter has more money in their pocket book and the economy offers higher wages, voters will remember. The middle class has been leaving CA because of high taxes and high rents.  Maybe the Democrat progressives will ‘face the music’ in next year’s elections.  Especially if more sexual predators are identified in the Democrat controlled legislature?

Lies to the F.B.I.:   And General Flynn  — that NSA adviser who Obama ‘unmasked’  now  found guilty because e he lied to the FBI.   Flynn served as NSA adviser  for about one month and  was fired by Trump because he lied to his boss, Vice President Pence. Trump’s son-in-law  Jared Kushner  told Flynn to make the call concerning which he later lied to the F.B.I. Reports suggest that Kushner’s influence is waning fast. 

Freedoms enjoyed in America have consequences ….     Speak up & comment!

written by  licensed CA psychologist Dr. Cameron Jackson   PSY14762

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San Francisco Library: how about a first edition syringe?

  librarySan Francisco library  trains staff  to handle persons who overdose on drugs.

library trains staff how handle overdoses
library trains staff how handle overdoses

In addition to checking out and re-shelving books, San Francisco library staffers may soon be trained to give lifesaving medication to reverse overdoses among the growing number of heroin users mixing in with the homeless in and around the Main Library.

The idea surfaced after an addict was found dead in one of the Civic Center library’s restrooms in early February.

San Francisco’s Main Library has become a magnet for the city’s exploding homeless population. Coincidentally or not, the neighborhood has seen epidemic numbers of users of heroin and prescription painkillers – opioids such as codeine, morphine and OxyContin.

In 2016, the Main Library tracked 689 instances of patron misbehavior, ranging from vandalism and altercations to verbal disturbances and drug use[.]

… San Francisco has taken a compassionate approach when dealing with the problem, offering both free and unlimited access to syringes.


Firenze Sage:  Why have a library or a police force or a jail if you simply don’t care.

remember Kate Steinley killed by 5 time deported felon

sanctuary-city-san-franciscoRemember Kate Steinley shot in the back and  killed   in the sanctuary city of San Francisco by  five time deported illegal felon Lopez, a Mexican natonal   with multiple  convictions?

The man who murdered  Kate Steinley  was released from  jail  by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and not turned over to federal authorities.

A February 2017  poll shows that Trump has broad public support in his effort to crack down on sanctuary cities.

A recent Harvard-Harris Poll shows  that 80 percent  of voters say  that local authorities should comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come in contact with.

Cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to federal authorities

Sanctuary cities receive $2.27 BILLION in federal programs.

A safety issue:   Trump re-framed the issue from a partisan battle to a duty owed to the American people: “When it comes to public safety, there is no place for politics; no Republicans, no Democrats, just citizens, and good citizens,” he said. “We want safe communities. We demand safe communities for everyone.” Voters will want to know why their mayor sides with the illegal alien killer over a victimized American family.

About 300 sanctuary city jurisdictions operate in the U.S. where state or local officials refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement officers and make it difficult for them to apprehend illegal aliens caught committing a crime.

Santa Cruz CA is a sanctuary city. Law enforcement officials in Santa Cruz claim that the community is safer by not reporting illegal immigrants to federal authorities. Recently 13 members of  M-13 gang were arrested in Santa Cruz by federal  authorities in cooperation with local authorities.

The Trump plan includes an expansion of the “287(g) program” — named for the section of federal immigration law that enables DHS to deputize state and local law-enforcement officers to enforce the laws as if they were federal immigration agents.

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Monterey Bay Forum:  Jobs!  

 New jobs:   Trump’s plan calls for adding resources:  10,000  to federal enforcement (ICE)  and 5,000 Border Patrol persons.

The many freedoms Americans enjoy  are dependent upon laws which are enforced.  Let’s take good care of legal, honest immigrants and let’s crack down on felons such as the man who murdered Kate Steinley.  What say you?