you get what you sow: American Spectator rumors on FBI Comey are corroborated


FBI Comey tries to blend in with blue  curtains

“The American Spectator can now report a follow-up on the World Exclusive we published on May 17, with a correction. Our May 17 story reported that James B. Comey was caught on surveillance cameras in the White House blowing his nose on the curtains. The surveillance tapes have been turned over to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for a determination as to whether government property was damaged, which could lead to a stiff prison sentence and a hefty fine. After all Mr. Comey was, at the time, a government servant.

Now the New York Times has corroborated our story in a front-page account that mentions “the blue curtains,” but the Times corrected our erroneous claim that the encounter took place in “early February.” The encounter took place according to the Times on January 22. AmSpec has verified the correct date.

According to the Times story that appeared today: “Mr. Comey — who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing a dark blue suit that day — told Mr. Wittes [a friend of his] that he tried to blend in with the blue curtains in the back of the room, in the hopes that Mr. Trump would not spot him and call him out. ‘He thought he had gotten through and not been noticed or singled out and that he was going to get away….’”

For Mr. Comey that was not the case. The Times continues: “But Trump spotted Comey and called him out.” Exactly what was said between the two men is not known. As we reported on May 17, Comey is known around the department for his loud nose-blowing, and perhaps the ever-alert President Trump actually witnessed Mr. Comey in the act of blowing his nose on the curtain. At, any rate the Times goes on to report that, “With an abashed look on his face, Mr. Comey walked up to Mr. Trump.” Presumably special counsel Robert Mueller III will be looking into the matter and possibly the President will at some point tweet his account

Whatever the case The American Spectator — and now the New York Times — will be keeping the reading public up to date on these important developments.”

FBI Comey fights political corruption of The Clinton Foundation


batman-written-out-in-yellowFBI Director  James Comey — akin to Batman — fights  political corruption in high places:  political corruption  related to The Clinton Foundation. Hilary made millions from foreign countries by selling access to herself. She hid her activities via her private email server.  Keep at it Comey — fight political corruption in high places.

But Batman — aka Director  Director Comey —  lacks support from Robin aka Richard McCabe.

The FBI investigation into The Clinton Foundation has been slowed down  by the FBI Director’s second in command, Richard McCabe.

Richard McCabe.  Comey’s second in command McCabe   different agenda:  to protect  Hilary and The Clinton Foundation.    Complicating matters, a  Clinton supporter donated $465,000 to McCabe’s wife to run for office.

By reopening the investigation of Hilary’s emails, FBI  Director will examine   financial fraud and influence peddling by The Clinton Foundation.

James Comey FBI Director
James Comey FBI Director

The FBI Director re-opened the investigation of the emails.  Comey did so over despite the protestations of McCabe and the Attorney General Lynch. Comey  FBI re-opens investigation of Hilary’s emails  which turn up on Hilary Clinton’s top aide’s laptop which is  co-owned by her former  husband Anthony Weiner.

Will Batman come to the aide of Dansel in Distress Huma Abadin?  Not likely.  Huma testified under oath that she turned over all her devises which had relevant emails.   However, Huma did not turn over the laptop which she co-owned  with former husband Weiner.  Huma may be nailed for not telling the truth under oath.

Huma Abedin
Huma Abedin becomes just “one of my staffers”

Huma is the  top  aide  and confidanta for  aspiring President Hilary Clinton.

And, indications are that  Boss Hilary may have thrown Huma under the bus?     Huma Abadin claims that she did not know that her 675,000 emails  are on her  former husband’s laptop.

Will Batman  forgive Huma and find no wrong doing by her?  Doubtful.

FBI may  conclude the new investigation of the emails — or have substantial information to provide — as early as this Thursday.   So fast!   Will this focus on Huma and her emails take the eye off of WikiLeaks and the Podesta dump of emails?   Only time will tell.

Meanwhile,   crime in Chicago  –the City of Obama  — sky rockets  As of Nov, 1, 2016, this year  there are 600+  murders alone in Chicago.

What to do — where to fight crime?  Batman  — but not Robin — is  on  the prowl fighting crime in high places.


The FBI will fight crime in high places -- right?
The FBI will fight crime in high places — right?

The FBI  Director James Comey  — aka Batman — will not let the citizenry down.  Watch closely as  Robin — aka  FBI number 2 in command Andrew McCabe —seeks to protect Hilary and The Clinton Foundation.