First Baptist Church murders: San Antonio hero grabs gun & chases bad guy Devin Kelley

first baptist murders  — two stand tall and confront the murderer

By our actions – we are known.  Two Americans  stands tall.  What we know so far:

The bad guy  who murdered 25+ people , including the 14 year old  daughter of the Pastor,  is Devin Patrick Kelley, a  26-year-old white male, of New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio,

Besides those murdered, many more are hospitalized and some in serious condition.

Kelly  was discharged from the military related to charges of abuse to his wife and child.

Kelly  knew people who were members of the church.

  •  Kelly was as found dead in a crashed car after a brief chase following the shooting
  • Was dressed in all black, tactical gear with a ballistics belt and multiple weapons in his car
  • Fired outside the church, then went into the church and continued to fire
  • Resident near the church intervened, and knocked the gun out of Kelley’s hands, then chased him in his car
  • Kelley showed off an AR-15 rifle on Facebook recently
  • Served in the military in ‘cargo, demand and supply and distribution’ but was dishonorably discharged
  • Was married and believed to have taught a Bible studies at Kingsville First Baptist Church

On Sunday, Kelley was spotted moments before the shooting, at around 11.20am, at a Valero gas station, ‘dressed in all black, tactical gear, wearing a ballistics belt’.

In a press conference, Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Freeman Martin, said Kelley had then ‘crossed the street to the church, exited his vehicle and began firing on the church. He moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire, and entered the church and continued to fire.’

But as he left the church, the unnamed local hero risked his life to stop him.

‘A local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect,’ Martin said. ‘The suspect dropped his rifle, which was a Ruger assault type rifle, and fled from the church.

He and another local citizen pursued the subject at that time.’

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above info compiled by Cameron Jackson


FBI Comey fights political corruption of The Clinton Foundation


batman-written-out-in-yellowFBI Director  James Comey — akin to Batman — fights  political corruption in high places:  political corruption  related to The Clinton Foundation. Hilary made millions from foreign countries by selling access to herself. She hid her activities via her private email server.  Keep at it Comey — fight political corruption in high places.

But Batman — aka Director  Director Comey —  lacks support from Robin aka Richard McCabe.

The FBI investigation into The Clinton Foundation has been slowed down  by the FBI Director’s second in command, Richard McCabe.

Richard McCabe.  Comey’s second in command McCabe   different agenda:  to protect  Hilary and The Clinton Foundation.    Complicating matters, a  Clinton supporter donated $465,000 to McCabe’s wife to run for office.

By reopening the investigation of Hilary’s emails, FBI  Director will examine   financial fraud and influence peddling by The Clinton Foundation.

James Comey FBI Director
James Comey FBI Director

The FBI Director re-opened the investigation of the emails.  Comey did so over despite the protestations of McCabe and the Attorney General Lynch. Comey  FBI re-opens investigation of Hilary’s emails  which turn up on Hilary Clinton’s top aide’s laptop which is  co-owned by her former  husband Anthony Weiner.

Will Batman come to the aide of Dansel in Distress Huma Abadin?  Not likely.  Huma testified under oath that she turned over all her devises which had relevant emails.   However, Huma did not turn over the laptop which she co-owned  with former husband Weiner.  Huma may be nailed for not telling the truth under oath.

Huma Abedin
Huma Abedin becomes just “one of my staffers”

Huma is the  top  aide  and confidanta for  aspiring President Hilary Clinton.

And, indications are that  Boss Hilary may have thrown Huma under the bus?     Huma Abadin claims that she did not know that her 675,000 emails  are on her  former husband’s laptop.

Will Batman  forgive Huma and find no wrong doing by her?  Doubtful.

FBI may  conclude the new investigation of the emails — or have substantial information to provide — as early as this Thursday.   So fast!   Will this focus on Huma and her emails take the eye off of WikiLeaks and the Podesta dump of emails?   Only time will tell.

Meanwhile,   crime in Chicago  –the City of Obama  — sky rockets  As of Nov, 1, 2016, this year  there are 600+  murders alone in Chicago.

What to do — where to fight crime?  Batman  — but not Robin — is  on  the prowl fighting crime in high places.


The FBI will fight crime in high places -- right?
The FBI will fight crime in high places — right?

The FBI  Director James Comey  — aka Batman — will not let the citizenry down.  Watch closely as  Robin — aka  FBI number 2 in command Andrew McCabe —seeks to protect Hilary and The Clinton Foundation.