What to do for CA schools, jobs, churches – closed by Gov. Newsom

What can you do to help re-open  CA schools, jobs & churches closed by  California  Democrat Gov. Newsom?  Plenty. As a taxpayer and voter, speak your mind.

First of all, know that that  Democrat Party  actions show  Democrats   prefer continued  economic meltdown to economic growth.

Example:   Today 7/31 the Democrats blocked extension of renewal of federal enhanced unemployment benefits at $200 a week.

What you can do?   Write your representatives — almost all Democrats in CA — and ask them to explain why two-thirds of regular pay is not enough given prior Democrat proposals that set virus sick pay leave and family medial leave at two-thirds regular pay. Why?  The real answer is that Democrats are blocking economic revival.  The economy contracted about 1/3 in the second quarter of 2020 — the largest ever contraction.   It must be ‘we the people’ who open the economy that get people back to work. Time to speak up.

 Second,   know that health advisor   Dr. Farci  is in the tank in support of  the Democrats ‘do nothing’  approach when he tells Congressman Jordan that the public should  ‘avoid all crowds’ but won’t comment whether  the government should control crowds of protesters.  So, crowds of protests are OK for Farci but not others.  See below:

So what can you and I do  to help get children back to school?   Parents can say ‘no more unionized instruction’  of their children’ in government schools paid for by   required taxation.  Encourage competition by forming more charter schools and  attending private schools.  It’s competition that brings costs down and improves quality.  We readily see how competition  drives down costs  at the grocery stores and it’s also true for  other costs.

What about re-opening the churches and faith organizations?  There’s a piece in the WSJ today how believing that life has meaning helps individuals thrive. There’s lots of research that supports that view.

The WSJ  article is titled,    Titled Free Markets and Meaning in Life by Clay Routledge and John Bitzan. It discusses research that found that  a sense of life’s meaningfulness is tightly tied to positive views of capitalism and entrepreneurship.

What might people do?      Does your church or where you work support the marxist  organization  Black Lives Matters.com  (BLM)?   Look at the BLM website and you will find it opposes the nuclear family and seeks to de-fund the police.   Why not suggest to your church or work place that they hold   a discussion of the above listed WSJ  article that supports capitalism and entrepreneurship compared with what’s  supported by the Black Lives Matters.com website?

You  can see from what’s going on in Portland, Oregon  and Seattle, Washington  that what starts out as  peaceful protests are   hijacked by Antifa and  Black Lives Matter folks.   Per the videos,  these  ‘protesters’ are destroying property and doing violence to people.

One Episcopal priest, Sara Fischer,  who has been attending the protests in Portland    has this to say:  [Egan Millard is an assistant editor and reporter for Episcopal News writes the following re Sara Fisher.]

“I’m there out of compassion and concern for all the protesters. And I think the first time I went down there I thought, well, nobody’s going to throw tear gas at a silver-haired white lady in a collar. And it turns out that there’s so many people there, the feds don’t really discriminate.”

The below quote is from  Egan Millard, an assistant editor and reporter for Episcopal News Service.  His email:  emillard@episcopalchurch.org.

“The Rev. Sara Fischer doesn’t know what to expect next, but she sees it as part of her duty as a priest to protect those who are in danger and support their message, regardless of the ways in which they protest. As much as she would prefer to see completely nonviolent protests, she understands why that’s not the case.”

“I think that the church’s role is to protect and defend protesters, to be present, to show up,”  Sara Fischer  said to Egan Millard.   

Aptos Psychologist:   The protests in Portland and Seattle started because of the  murder of  George Floyd  by a white policeman.  That was the end of May, a couple months ago.  What’s going on now has morphed into violence against people and vandalism and destruction of homes and businesses.   Video footage night after night shows that  Antifa and Black Lives Matter are central players  to the disorders.

It’s Democrat mayors and Democrat governors   who permit  the chaos to continue. The public must let their representatives and the media [typically in the tank for the Democrats] know what you think of the continued  violence in Democrat run cities  against person and property.

Harmed  among  others  are the black  families  and  black small businesses living in Democrat run cities who are  caught in the cross fire  and  experience the violence.   Doing  prolonged violence and vandalism   is not the way to  remember the murder of  George Floyd.

What say you?

written by DrCameronJackson@gmail.com



Liar, liar your tail’s on fire? Joseph Mitsud lied 3 x to FBI & not charged. AG Barr seeks answers.

Liar, liar, your tail’s on fire? The investigation by the FBI into persons associated with the Trump was predicated by information supplied by a known liar: Joseph Mitsud.   Was the FBI protection freedoms — or itself?

The mysterious Joseph Mitsud lied 3 times to FBI and was not charged.   Now Justice  AG Barr seeks answers.  Others have long sought answers.

Hear what Jim Jordan says to Mueller below.

What will happen when Mitsud must answer questions?    Today under oath  Mueller refuses to answer numerous questions including  why  Mitsud  was not charged.

AG Barr currently  seeks info from Joseph Mitsud.