$800 BILLION jobs Stimulus wasted & ObamaCare harms Americans

shovel-ready-with-obama-and-shovelThe $800 BILLION Stimulus  money for ‘shovel ready’ jobs resulted in zero jobs.

Obama admitted that several years later.  There were no ‘shovel ready’ jobs that came from the $800 BILLION Obama spent. What a waste.

With all the economic woes of Obama’s first years in office Obama forgot jobs and instead he focused on ObamaCare.

And what came out  of ObamaCare?obama-care-harms-americans

Employers now hire more part time employees. People did not keep their doctors.  Premiums went up drastically — not down as promised.  Americans oppose ObamaCare — what Obama focused on during his first years in office.

So — by  forgetting about ‘shovel ready’ jobs and wasting 800 BILLION dollars and, instead,  focusing on ObamaCare which harms Americans  —  did Obama shoot himself in his foot?  Americans went to the ballot box and overwhelmingly rejected Obama’s policies.



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