Going to a rally? Beach? Think twice … use social distancing …

What happened  at a religious rally for Navajos in AZ  held in March 2020  with no social distancing?  The virus spread rapidly.

One story of what’s happening to American Indians:   Instead of 5 minutes to list number of  cases and the dead it took 45 minutes for a radio station to list the dead.

“When a family member dies, we the Diné, whom Spanish conquistadors named the Navajo, send a notice to our local radio station so that everyone in the community can know. Usually the reading of the death notices—the names of those who have passed on, their ages, where they lived and the names of their matrilineal and patrilineal clans—takes no more than five minutes. It used to be very rare to hear about young people dying. But this past week, I listened to 45 minutes of death notices on KGAK Radio AM 1330. The ages ranged from 26 to 89, with most of the dead having been in their 30s, 40s or 50s.e names.  

Aptos Psychologist:   In Santa Cruz County, 3 have died, 59 hospitalized, 772 known cases, 321 recovered and 23,000+ tested for Covid-19. 

In Santa Cruz County  local health official  Gail Newel said she was not sure whether or not the spike in new Covid-19 cases was connected to the recent political rallies. She is re-opening the local beaches because   “people are not willing to be governed anymore in that regard”.  Children over age two are now required to wear face masks says Newel.

Anyone looking at  Seacliff State Beach lately will notice the lack of social distancing by groups of people hanging out in front of the beach  restrooms as well as large groups of people  using the beach.

And people are leaving their beach  litter behind. On Sat. July 18,  Live Like Coco   sponsored a Seacliff State Beach Cleanup which  removed heaps of trash from the beach.  About 40+ people attended the Live Like Coco clean up.


Trump and Biden square off on jobs — get things built (Trump) or re-regulate energy economy

Trump or Biden?  On jobs?  Which do you pick?

This is based on material  in the WSJ, Friday, July 17, 2020, The Campaign Finally Begins by Kimberly Strassel.

Trump plans ‘top-to-bottom’ overhaul of the federal environmental review process which stands in the way of nearly every infra-structure project in the country.  That would create millions of jobs, attract more business to American and make the USA more competitive.

Biden just  released his $2 TRILLION climate change plan, product of a task force co-chaired by Rep. Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez.

Biden vows to outlaw all use of coal and natural gas to generate electricity within 15 years.  He will ban oil and gas production on federal land and offshore. He seeks ‘zero emissions’ cars.  Biden is promising to delete the jobs of millions of Americans — at a times of soaring unemployment.  A ban on offshore drilling alone would cost 200,000 jobs and damage regional economies.  Basic consumer choice would disappear for vehicles, dishwashers, even homes.

Biden wants to massively re-regulate the energy economy.  Trump said,  “We want to get things built.”

Aptos Psychologist:  Let people live their lives free from as much regulation as possible.Let people go back to work when and  as they choose.    Open the schools.  Start new charter schools — which have fewer regulations —  if  teachers in union jobs  don’t want to teach.  Social distancing  issues can be worked out.  Masks and the wearing of them for long periods of time is   problematic  both in terms of cleanliness and simple breathing.

What say you?  Weigh in on the conversation about jobs, Biden and Trump.

Roman Catholics open their doors in Aptos, CA for live services which others might imitate?

Without a hitch, the Roman Catholics in Aptos, CA  offered   a Class A worship  experience  today  with aplomb, majesty  and   attention to a thousand  details  which  enhanced the  safety  of all participants.

The Roman Catholics met suggested  standards for  safety  and did so as though they’d been doing it this way for some time.  All went smoothly.  The service  was also available on Zoom.  You Tube was not working today.

One important thing was missing at Resurrection  — the social connections that people have attending without face masks and 6′ social distancing rules.   Everyone can pray in their bedroom.  Getting together with others and praying together and socializing together is vital to what church connections offer.  That aspect was entirely missing from the overall experience.  Have to go to the local beach for social connections!

The Episcopals   across Highway #1  nearby  at St. John’s in Aptos  are in the  process of developing a Plan How to Open.   The Episcopals might take a look at  what the Roman Catholics nearby  have  put in place.  Why re-invent something  which can  easily be  imitated and adapted to meet their particular Episcopal needs?  They, and other churches looking forward to reopening safely might  ask for a copy of   the detailed paperwork the Roman Catholics  have  developed and sit in on a service? We are One Body …

How to figure out the social aspects — having a ‘coffee hour’ and how to recognize people when wearing a mask.  Those issues have not been addressed by Catholics in Aptos so far as I can tell.

Overall, for a first time ‘try it out’ the Catholics did a good overall  job.   Think of  an  experience  you may have had of going to the theater or to  a favorite restaurant  knowing that your  advance reservation includes easy  parking near by  and assistance from   helpful persons who guide you to  where you typically sit.   Later, as you leave you may leave  an offering in a   box  located  near the Exit door. Not bad, right?    Overall, it  felt like ‘normal’ only more compfy and very safe.

What to expect:      Decals in the parking lot show  people where to park their  cars (every other space left empty).  And decals also show people  where to stand in line (6′ apart) preparatory to entering the building.

A team of  Greeters quickly move  people up the stairs and into the  building. While  standing in line,  each  person’s temperature is  taken by a Greeter.   Another Greeter  meets  each person  at  the main door to ensure that  the person wears a mask  or provides one as needed.     Another Greeter sprays   the  person’s  hands with cleanser.  Then each person or group  is  taken  to a pre-assigned seating area.   Most people are  seated where they typically sit.

Those who came together as a group sit together as a group.  Individuals were seated 6′ apart.   Every other pew is  left empty.

And  thus the worship service began ….  Comments?  Questions?  Join the conversation?

written by Cameron Jackson    DrCameronJackson@gmail.com