No comment needed from Taranto



roosters can   fly  as support animals

No comment needed  from  James Taranto,   WSJ:   Turkeys, pigs and even roosters have flown the friendly skies, carried onto commercial planes by passengers who identified the critters as emotional support animals.

pigs can fly

pigs   fly the skies  as support animals

But a committee of airline representatives and disabled rights advocates has been meeting for months in Washington, D.C., to come up with new rules on what type of animals should be permitted on planes and what documents are required to prove the animals are needed. . . .

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, among others, suggests limiting emotional support animals to dogs, cats and rabbits, while other organizations, including the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, would like to add birds to that list (but not chickens, ducks or turkeys).

letter from mental health professional

A letter is stigmatizing …?

Some advocacy groups say passengers shouldn’t be required to carry a letter from a mental health professional confirming the need for an animal because it would be stigmatizing.

So let’s see if we have this straight: Carrying a letter is stigmatizing.

Carrying a duck isn’t stigmatizing.

[James Taranto, WSJ, Best of the Web, 9/27/2016]


Carrying a duck on board an airplane …. isn’t stigmatizing?




Pokemon Go:Good for spiritual, mental and physical maladies in Aptos, CA? Start at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church


Yes, Pokemon Go  may be good for spiritual maladies. And some  physical maladies.  And many  mental maladies. 

And you don’t have to play it the way you are told to play it.

 You can play Pokemon Go just for fun and skip all the stuff about going to ‘gyms’  or doing battle.  Just play Pokemon for fun.   Gather the funny little  critters and walk around your community.    See your community with fresh eyes.

This post focuses on playing Pokemon Go in Aptos, CA.     Places to find  — gather  —  Pokemon Balls in Aptos, CA  are  listed  farther down in this post.    To play the game you need a cell phone with a GPS on it and you have to download a free app.

So– are you someone experiencing some spiritual malaise?  Some mild depression?    Not doing the things you like to and  feel down  in ‘the dumps’?  What to do?   Remember the daily routine that  you had when you felt fine?    Write those things down  and start doing them again. Best you can.

Very important to reduce symptoms of depression:    add something new each day — something  that you have not done before.  If you are over  age 40 probably you have not played Pokemon Go.  That can be ‘something new’ that you include in your daily routine.   How about some mild anxiety symptoms?  Not sleeping as well as you typically do?  Pokemon just might help you feel mentally better.

What about some spiritual maladies?  Are you spiritually wondering what’s going on in your  life, or the life of your church? 

Here in Aptos, CA there is a plethora of Christian churches.  Near the entrance to Seacliff  Beach there is  Coastlands   Foursquare church, an Episcopal church and a Catholic church.  

Let’s compare how two of them — the Catholic one and the Episcopal one  — currently handle transition  in leadership of their  church.


Catholic church in Aptos, CA

The Catholic church in Aptos, CA  got one month  transition time between the leaving of Fr. Ron  and the coming of Fa. Romeo.   People in the congregation were  told way ahead of  time what was coming down the pike.  The bishop called the plays.  The priest of 14 years must retire.  A new priest who was selected by the bishop will start on a particular date.   The new priest at the catholic church  is called a Parish  Administrator.  Later on, if the bishop chooses he will become  the Pastor.  Do people in the catholic congregation miss who used to be there? Of course.

 In contrast, the Episcopal church in Aptos, CA  said ‘good-by’  to their Rector,  Fa. Steve,  last summer.    That church has had an interim priest/ rector for more than a year.  No concrete  information  has come down the pike.  The Episcopal  bishop has not weighed in on  local decisions.   And the Board of Directors    holds closed,  i.e. secret meetings. Nobody in the pews  knows anything as to who might become the next priest/ rector.

Episcopal church

Episcopal church in Aptos, CA

 Recently, allegations of spiritual abuse have surfaced   at the Episcopal church in Aptos, CA concerning the interim priest/ rector.    So yes, more than likely quite a few attendees at that church  currently  feel some spiritual malaise.  Probably some are ‘down in the dumps’.

“We just  need a new CEO for this church and get things re-started”  one parishioner from the Episcopal church said  that  he told Bishop Mary when he met with her recently.

There are applicants for the job as Rector for the Episcopal church in Aptos, CA.   However, no information has been provided back to the  congregation as to who they are.  Recently there have been allegations of spiritual abuse circulating via email and Facebook.  The Board of Directors  does not  follow their by-laws which  require  that 10 days ahead of time that they publicly post concerning Date, Time and Location for meetings.

 Big issues causing spiritual malaise: Will this church face the allegations of spiritual abuse — or will they push it all under the rug and keep muddling on?  Who are the applicants for  the job?  What is the contract that the interim priest signed?

Here we have two very different churches handling transition is quite different ways.  And probably some people in both churches currently feel ‘down in the dumps’ about the changes that are happening around them.

So — how can Pokemon Go help people in general to simply feel better? Whether  you go to a church or you don’t attend a church?

 Well, daily exercise is not just good for the body  — it’s  also good for the soul and spirit.  We know that kids laugh and run around and play all sorts of games and learn from playing games.  So can adults.  It’s good for adults at times  to laugh and be playful and learn from playing new games.  Especially a game that gets you moving around.

Think of Pokemon Go as something that gets you walking around your community and ‘seeing’ things differently.  Take walking.  How many times have you told yourself   — or your doctor told you — that you  should walk more?  You don’t have to buy an expensive $100 thing for your wrist to measure how far you walk.  Just download the Pokemon Go app for free and you will know how much you walk.

Good news where to get Pokemon Balls in Aptos, CA.  There are lots of  what are called PokeStops where you can get more Pokemon Balls which you need to play the game.

 Here’s how to find Pokemon Balls in Aptos,  CA.



Start by going to St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church located near the entrance to Seacliff Beach in Aptos, CA.

 Come any time.  Just so you know,  church services are at 8 and 10 am every Sunday at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Aptos, CA

Tonight, Tuesday Sept.  27, 2016 there is a Vestry meeting in the Cafe. Probably at 7 pm.

1)  Drive or walk to   St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church  and go stand in front of the large bell.   Look at your cell phone with the Pokemon app open .  You will see   a blue circular thing  appear on your cell phone. Swipe it  — it will rotate. As it rotates around you will receive typically a couple Pokemon Balls.  Swipe them and they are now yours to continue playing the game.   That’s  how you get free Pokemon Balls.

Want more Pokemon balls close by in Aptos, CA?

2)  Now walk  or drive across the street  from the Episcopal church  to  Coastlands Four Square church islocated.   Walk or drive up  to where you see the large Cross.  

Foursquare church

Foursquare church in Aptos, CA

 You have to be right in front of the large Cross.   Again, you can  gather  couple Pokemon balls there, typically.  

3)  Now walk or drive down the street  just past the Stop sign.  You willsee a  large  Seacliff   sign  entrance to Seacliff Beach.   Open the Pokemon app and point  your phone  at the sign.   You can gather a couple more Pokemon  Balls.

 4)  Another spot near by to  gather apps:    At the mural on the wall around the corner from Manual’s Restaurant and across the street from The Word Shop for gently used books.  Ah, you can gather more Pokemon Balls.

So what’s good for spiritual malaise?  Pokemon Go can’t cure spiritual  malaise. It can get you moving around more and looking at your community from a different perspective.  So — go  have fun!   Catch those critters.

written by Aptos Psychologist,  Cameron Jackson








Firenze Sage: Islamic assignation

marriage for an hour or two

 Islamic marriage for an hour or two is called “sigheh” or “motaa” 

Islamic  assignation …


assignation is called “sigheh” 



Muslim  marriage’ is what  Islamic  men per Sharia law  determine  it to be: either temporary called “sigheh” or “motaa” or permanent.

Assignation  — a  temporary marriage (for enjoyment) —  is a verbal contract that can last as long as desired.    It can last for quite a while or  for just an hour or two.

My, my – guess  which  some  Islamic  men choose. And guess how it works out for women ….

 Here’s a real life story:

According to a recent Farsi-language news story, a man identified as Ahmad, a devout Muslim from the Islamic Republic, conducted sigheh, a “temporary marriage,” with a woman identified as Elnaz.

Sigheh is allowed under Iran’s Islamic and Sharia law.

After three days Ahmad allegedly stole money from Elnaz’s family and left her.

man stole money from his wife's family

man stole money from his wife’s family

After the marriage contract, it was revealed that he also has another wife and children.

Elnaz cannot take him to court, divorce him, or marry another person because the marriage was Islamic and legal. Iranian officials and media outlets are also blaming her for what happened to her.

Under Iran’s Islamic and Sharia law, there exist two kinds of halal (religiously permissible) marriages: permanent and temporary. The latter is called “sigheh” or “motaa” (enjoyment). Sigheh is a verbal contract that can last as long as desired; an hour, two hours, half a day, a week, a year, or more.

Although sigheh is sold to women as a real marriage and that the man will truly treat the woman as his wife, the real story is different. Normally, in such a contract, the man gives something to the woman (money, place to sleep, etc.) in exchange for sex and complete control over her body and emotions.


Firenze Sage:  Quick get NOW alerted.  All civilizations are equal   — so clutch them to your bosom,like an asp.




Firenze Sage: noted lefty cannot define racism



Who is racist? More than half of Trump’s supporters  – the  ‘deplorables’   – are racist says Dana Milbank.  

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank doubles down on Hillary Clinton’s assertion about the “deplorables”.  In Milbank’s words, more than “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters are an “irredeemable” “basket of deplorables” who are, in her words, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.”   



Milbank writes that that far from being incorrect in her denunciation, Clinton may in fact have “low-balled the number” by claiming only “half” are racist.

Hillary Clinton may have been unwise to say half of Donald Trump’s supporters are racists and other “deplorables.” But she wasn’t wrong. If anything, when it comes to Trump’s racist support, she might have low-balled the number says Milbank.

another deplorable

another deplorable


 Firenze Sage:  Racism cannot be found in the Trump literature, but  awards from Jesse Jackson can.

Racism 101: Anti Islamic Jihad and anti unfettered immigration positions are not racist.

Jesse Jackson praises Trump

Jesse Jackson praises Trump



Allow this person to legally enter the USA?    

Jesse Jackson thanks Trump

Jesse Jackson thanks Trump


Aptos Community Garden

Aptos Community Garden offers organic gardening plots.  The Garden  an outreach of Christ Lutheran Church in Aptos, CA

Latest information for the Garden will be posted at the bottom. Also look under Categories for posts.    

gene s

Thanks to Gene and many others….

Call 831 688-5757 extension 2 and leave a message that you are interested in a garden plot.  

You can stop by and look around Aptos Community Garden. From Highway #1 take the Freedom Exit and go to the end of Soquel Avenue — just past the California Highway Patrol office. That’s where Aptos Community Garden is located.


Aptos Community Garden continues to thrive …

Garden plots that we know are currently available have a small “red flag” on them. Other plots may come available in the not too distant future.

Take a look around and you will find application forms and other information.

Know about  the game Pokemon Go? You use a ‘smart phone’ with GPS and  camera and play the  game wherein you ‘catch’ imaginary creatures. How to start?  Download the app and go for it.  The ‘rules’ are elusive.  It’s fun.

Aptos Community Garden is a beautiful spot to play Pokemon to your heart’s content. Catch those critters!  Aptos Community Garden is a “gym” requiring “Level 5 status”.

Take a look at current photos of the garden on Twitter. Go Twitter, put a # followed by aptoscommunitygarden

Interested in gardening with others the organic way? Call 831 688-5757 ex 2 and leave your name and number.

When you have a plot and have to go out of town? — or you are sick? — or for some reason you cannot pick your lovely produce? — please call 831 688 5757 ex 2 and leave a message.

Someone will keep an eye on your plot and make sure that your vegetables are enjoyed by someone in need and do not go to waste.

Come and enjoy Aptos Community Garden. Garden the organic way. Take a stroll. Have a sandwich.  Something to do with your kids and grand kids:   play the  game Pokemon Go.

Sept. 21, 2016  info update:    1)    a picnic table  to the right of the main entrance area is  coming soon;  2)  bids from two gopher removal services will  be obtained in order to reduce gopher population using traps.

September, 25, 2016 update:  Water stays on and people  can turn their water off as they choose.   Later on, when  it’s  quite wet and rainy then the water will be turned off — with notice given to everyone before  that happens.  

gopher holes

gopher holes require critter management

drip water

individuals can turn off their system for now


No woof here


dog sniffing

dog sniffing baggage  at airport 

So how accurate are explosive sniffing dogs doing  their work?  Do  they need more training by people who do it right  — the military  — rather than TSA?

Bomb-sniffing K-9 teams at 10 major U.S. airports have failed tests that check how accurately they can detect explosives.  This is according to an NBC News investigation.

dog sniffs box

dog sniffs box

New records obtained by KXAS through a Freedom of Information Act request call into question the dog’s overall training.

The issue is  whether those dog teams are training enough to stay sharp.   Training is key to   accuracy in screening baggage, cargo and passengers for potential threats.

K-9 teams funded by the Transportation Security Administration have failed annual certification tests at 10 large airports 52 times between Jan. 1, 2013, and June 15, 2015, the most recent detailed numbers TSA provided. Some teams failed to find explosives, while others had too many false alarms that could cause unnecessary airport evacuations.

Dog teams failed 21 times at Los Angeles International, and 10 times at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C., during the same time period. Teams at Chicago’s O’Hare, Reagan National in D.C., JFK in New York, San Diego and Bradley International in Hartford, Connecticut, all failed from one and three times.

dog sniffing

At Love Field in Dallas, K-9 teams assigned to protect the airport failed four out of 14 tests with a failure rate of nearly 30 percent over two-and-a-half years. In 48 tests over the same time period, teams at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport failed five times, or 10 percent of the time.



Firenze Sage:    The TSA seems to flop more than a circus clown which is how they look.  They are in the bother the traveler business,  not security.           


Say it isn’t so


Tony  Yapias, activist, at work  in Utah

But it is so — An Hispanic activist critical of Trump rapes an undocumented Hispanic female and then deletes text messages from her cell  phone.  She pressed charges the next day and the man, activist Yapias formerly of Peru/ Mexico  was arrested.

You might remember a Hispanic political activist named Tony Yapias, who was extremely critical of Donald Trump’s assertion that some illegal Mexican aliens were rapists.Tony Yapias is the director of ‘Proyecto Latino de Utah’.  Mr. Yapias also coordinated numerous protest events against Donald Trump including a rather violent display in Salt Lake City, Utah.

tony-yapiasThis week Tony Yapias has been arrested for rape.   However, not only was Yapias arrested for rape – his victim was, …wait for it…, yep, an illegal alien.

Yes, it appears Mexican rapist Tony Yapias felt additionally empowered by the fact his victim was less likely to be able to contact law enforcement.

However, as Fox13 in Salt Lake Cityreports:

[…]  Despite the woman’s fears concerning immigration issues, court documents state, she reported the assault the day after it happened. She was also examined by a forensic nurse who found she had multiple physical injuries consistent with her explanation of what happened(link)

Mr. Yapias threatened, raped and blackmailed his victim specifically because of her undocumented illegal immigration status


Firenze Sage:  And, somewhere, the major media found this —  and left it there.



Be shrewd



 Are you shrewd?  Have or show  sharp powers of judgment, astute ?  Are you smart or clever in a practical way? Resourceful  in practical  matters?  Are you honest — or dishonest?

Some ways  you might be shrewd in practical matters:

Maybe you know how to get that great deal for 20  sewing machines  that  can be bought for half the usual  price.

sewing machines

sewing machines

Maybe you typically  feed a family of six for half  the cost what others do.

rice and beans

rice and beans

Maybe you know the best  hardware store to frequent for buying screwdrivers.

Some make shrewd actions honestly and others do so in a dishonest way.  Right?


 Jesus rewards a dishonest manager —  because he was shrewd.

 Luke 16.1-13 “And his master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly…

This parable is called   ‘the problem child of all of Jesus’s parables.’



The parable:  There was a rich man who had a manager who was cooking the books. The rich man said to his manager,  I’m going to audit the books and you are going to lose your job.   In response,  the manager went through all the accounts and made special deals.

In those days  Jewish law did not permit charging interest.  However,  people did in fact charge huge, impossible to repay  interest rates. Does that remind you of a few decades ago here in the USA?

  Back to the parable:  in preparation to being fired, the   manager cooked  the books

cooked the books

cooked the books


and then went back to the rich man.

Unexpected result:   Instead of firing the manager  which the manager expected  —  because he had been cooking the books and then setting up things so he’d be taken care of after he was fired — the rich man commends his dishonest manager  because he was shrewd.

What to make of this parable?    Be shrewd as Jesus was shrewd.

shrewd kingdom style

shrewd kingdom style

Groups of people as churches can together  act shrewdly.  For example:   one Aptos, CA church, Christ Lutheran Church    together with other churches recently raised $12,000 from the efforts of 61 participants in  Walk for Clean Water  for one particular community in  El Salvador.  Together they acted shrewdly.  

Christ Lutheran in Aptos, CA  has a many year relationship with this one  community which, through discussion with them  lead to a goal to raise money to be used to  build latrines which will improve their water supply.  


latrines in El Salvador


Many families in this one community in El Salvador  will soon have composed toilets as a result. 



Take away from this parable:

When you invest yourself — your time and money —  you are ‘with it’ and interested in the results.  

Yes,  be shrewd  and apply it to your faith as Jesus did.     

  In this parable, Jesus goes on to say,  “No slave can serve two masters;  for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and  mammon” [conspicuous consumption].  

  Jesus was the ultimate shrewd investor.  Jesus was clever.   And,  Jesus invested his entire  life ….  that you  may have life.


written by Cameron Jackson

The above is based on a  sermon delivered  at Christ Lutheran Church, Aptos, CA  September 18, 2016,   by Rev. Dale Sollom-Brotherton.

Church Office Information:  831 688-5727    email:  

Santa Cruz al Salvador is an International Outreach project with several other area churches.  





Proof positive – the Clintons are crooked

Only $5 million goes to charity of $90 million spent by  Clinton Foundation

Only $5 million goes to charity of $90 million spent by Clinton Foundation in 2014 

Crooked Clintons?

Concerning the Clinton Foundation:   In 2014  $5 million goes for “charitable grants” and $85 million for salaries and travel.

What does this suggest?

The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.

That number pales in comparison to the $34.8 million the foundation spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits.

Another $50.4 million was marked as “other expenses,” while the remaining almost $851K was marked as “professional fundraising expenses.”

Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants


Firenze Sage: 5 million to charity,and the rest  to airfare and salaries and “other”. Other is called theft.


Strips us to our core

Holy role strips us to our core

Holy role strips us to our core

Are you a caregiver for someone with a chronic illness?  This is a holy role. It  strips us to our core.  We encounter our patience or lack of patience, our forgiveness and inability to forgive.  We face our family dynamics.  Why am I the caregiver for this person who sometimes is so hard to love?   

What stress are you experiencing?  It’s important to monitor your own stress.

 These questions are from the  Caregiver Resource Network.

It’s important to monitor how you are doing.

Yes/ No  — During this last week I have:  

  1.  Had trouble keeping my mind on what I was doing.
  2. Felt that I could not leave my relative/ care recipient alone.
  3. Had difficulty making decisions.
  4. Felt completely overwhelmed.
  5. Felt useless and unneeded.
  6. Felt lonely.
  7. Been upset that my relative/ care recipient has changed so much from his/her former self.
  8. Felt a loss of privacy and/ or private time.
  9. Been edgy or irritable.
  10. Had sleep disturbed because of caring for my relative/ care recipient.
  11. Had a crying spell(s).
  12. Felt strained between work and family responsibilities.
  13. Had back pain.
  14. Felt ill (headaches, stomach problems, or common cold).
  15. Been dissatisfied with the support my family has given me.
  16. Found my relative/care recipient’s living situation to be inconvenient or a barrier to care.

If you answered yes to 8 or more questions, chances are that you have a high level of distress.  If fewer than 8 probably you have a low degree of stress.  

What are some ways that you handle stress?  Some possibilities:

  1.  Deep breathing exercises.  Google for more information how.
  2. Exercise:  run, walk, keep moving best you can
  3. Massage.
  4. Explore the arts:  music, drawing, needle craft, painting
  5. Connect with others via support groups, church, synagogue
  6. Books.  Try Traveling Mercies by Ann Lamott
  7. Meditation and reading spiritual resources

Check around for local resources where you can get support as you carry out this holy role.

Ephesians3:16:  I pray that  out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.

chronic illness defined

chronic illness defined

tools for chronic illness

tools for chronic illness

chronic illness list

chronic illness list


massage helps many 


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