Cry baby, cry for your life! Hilary supports late term abortions.


Cry for your life!

Cry for your life!

Cry baby cry!  A good scream might save your life. Watch out for Hilary!

Hilary  is fine with doctor or parent taking your life  — anytime up to birth.   A fetus has no rights says Hilary. You become a baby only at  birth.  So says Hilary.

Hilary OK with abortion

Hilary OK with late term abortion

Maybe, just maybe, a piercing scream for life might save your life.

Asked about abortion during the third debate,   Hilary wants no government regulations to regulate abortion.

Isn’t that odd?  The government regulates so much.

Look what the government already regulates:  after birth a baby is required by government to  have eye drops to prevent disease.

government required

government required immunizations at birth


Government requires car seats for babies to leave hospital

Government requires car seats for babies to leave hospital

The government requires that to leave the hospital a baby must ride in a car seat  — in the back seat.

Later — the government regulates helmets for children riding bikes.

govt requires helmets

govt requires helmets

And no soda sold close to a school.  Heaven forbid!

Where is  baby’s first room?   It’s in Mommy’s womb.

But there are zero protections for baby in Mommy’s womb.

During the third debate Hilary regarding Roe vs Wade Hilary said that the government  must stay out of the decisions women make whether to abort or not to abort.

Laws can be modified.  Perhaps it’s time to modify the law so later term abortions are not legal?  What say you?

Thousands of babies are aborted each year.  Let’s do what we can to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

As a society let’s talk about where to draw the line — when is it OK to abort and when is it not OK to abort?   written by Aptos Psychologist Cameron Jackson 

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