Cannot tell rioters from press in Portland [what to do?]

  Protesters disguised themselves as members of the press and harassed officers during Wednesday night’s demonstrations in Portland, the city’s police bureau said.

Several people who had labeled themselves as “press” threw eggs, rocks, and shined lasers into the eyes of police officers, the Portland police bureau said in a Thursday press release. The protesters continued to interfere with officers . as they tried to disperse the crowd. 

“Since several people with ‘press’ affixed to them continued to interfere with officers performing their lawful duties, a public address announcement was made which closed Southeast 106th Avenue from Southeast Washington Street to Southeast Cherry Blossom Street to all people including members of the press,” the news release said.

Protesters threw glass bottles, heavy rocks, and other objects at police.  Where are the grownups? 


Firenze Sage:   The press is in bed with the rioters.  So what’s new.

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